Jeanette steps down from Parliament

by frog

The headline kind of says everything, doesn’t it? It’s heartbreaking news to me, even if Jeanette has signalled since stepping down as co-leader that she would go before the next election.

This is the post where we can discuss what it all means.

Judging from past events, we will once again have to field all the speculation that this means the end of the Greens. Poppycock! As Mark Twain famously mused:

“The Rumors of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.”

Jeanette was the first Green MP to speak in Parliament. She will by no means be the last. To use Jeanette’s own words:

We’ve always been real. That said, I’m infinitely proud of what we’ve achieved as it’s been through a mix of integrity, influence and good ideas. In that respect the Green Party is in good shape and this great bunch of people will keep on promoting solutions.

It’s an exciting time of renewal for the Green Party, and Gareth Hughes, who will replace Jeanette, will bring some youth and vigour into the Green Party caucus.

If you want to leave a message or tribute for Jeanette, take a look at the next post. This post is for the debate about consequences and reactions.

What do you think it all means?

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