Why are Kiwis allowed to work for whalers?

by frog

The government’s response to the sinking of the Ady Gil, just the latest chapter in the seemingly never ending saga of Japanese south seas whaling, has been the usual waffle. Minister McCully urges restraint, but says New Zealand’s influence is too small to do more.

This is disappointing to say the least, given the strong stance NZ has taken at the International Whaling Commission. Green Co-leader Russel Norman calls it “gutless”. And that individuals are willing to put their lives at risk to challenge whalers while their govt stands by makes it even worse. Surely there is more we can do – here are two ideas.

Green Tasmanian Senator Bob Brown is urging the Australian govt to bring a challenge against Japan in the International Court of Justice. Why not a joint challenge from NZ and Oz? Our two countries working together would surely make a very strong case.

Australian Ministers are talking up some form of legal action. Where are our Ministers – in trade talks with the Japanese, perhaps?

And is it not ironic that the person delivering Japanese spin to New Zealanders is Kiwi Glenn Inwood? I wonder what he’s being paid to organise those spy planes for the Japanese. Surely our government is embarrassed that a New Zealand national is involved in such activities given our strong position against whaling in the international community.

So Greens here and in Australia are also looking at introducing legislation into both our Parliaments to make it illegal for our respective citizens to aid or abet whaling. That would make Inwood’s operation illegal in NZ.

New Zealander’s have been consistant in their calls for strong action to keep whales safe in our own back yard. It’s time for the National led govt to show it will take the same strong stance that NZ is known for.

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