A video message from Green MPs in Copenhagen

by frog

As the COP15 climate summit draws to a close, Jeanette Fitzsimons and Kennedy Graham offer their views on what is, and isn’t, happening at this most important of international meetings.

Jeanette discusses the lack of emissions reduction targets thusfar offered by rich nations, and the $100 billion pledge from the US that will begin in 2020 to assist developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

Kennedy tells us what he believes will cause these talks to fail, if indeed they do, and suggests the way to avoid this fate is to adjourn for six months to allow more time for a legally binding treaty to be negotiated.

And what will President Obama say, if anything, in the next few hours to avoid catastrophe?

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Published in Environment & Resource Management by frog on Fri, December 18th, 2009   

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