Jeanette Fitzsimons

Copenhagen Diary #1

by Jeanette Fitzsimons

Just arrived after 32 hours travel via Hong Kong. Flying across Asia gives you  different perspective on the earth. From the East Asia coast to England not a tinge of green. The desert in West and north China went on for ever – mountains and hills and plains, but all sand coloured. I wonder how much bigger it will grow as climate changes? Then cloud, then snow, which  covered all of Russia we could see.

Listened to some Brahms and Bach and reflected again how the heights of our civilisation were achieved without fossil fuels but so much 0f what makes life worth living is  likely to be lost because we now can’t or won’t live without them.

The Danes have pulled out all the stops to host this conference and it is obvious from the moment you land. Free public transport of all kinds, free hire bikes and alternative fuel  cars.  Big adverts everywhere for climate-friendly  products,including some clever ones of world leaders – digitally altered to look much older – saying “Sorry. We could have stopped climate change, and we didn’t.”

I’m told there are two new drafts out today which might cause walk outs tomorrow, and there is a huge march  planned through Copenhagen to pressure the negotiators to get on with it.

Sleep now. More tomorrow.

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