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The smacking lobby ignores 8 positive reviews of S59

by Metiria Turei

After the latest report on Section 59 from the Prime Minister’s taskforce you would think that the media would stop calling the circus performers whose only interest is in keeping the circus going.

The review included Dr Nigel Latta – someone who had voted against the law in the recent referendum. However, to his credit Dr Latta – a clinical psychologist – has pointed out that fears whipped up by ex-politicians committed to frenzy not facts are actually unfounded. Funny that.

It was difficult listening to Bob McCroskrie this morning on morning report, complaining about 8 separate reviews all of which have shown the law to work as it was intended. Many of those 8 reviews were established to precisely to answer the questions that Bob and his organisation keep asking. Problem is they don’t like the answers and keep on demanding more and more, wasting time and money that is better spent on supporting families.

What our law has done is to help to keep kids safe and the Police and child protection agencies have been using the law as intended. It is what Sue Bradford has said over and over.

The media need to look at the mountain of evidence from a variety of reports out now on the Section 59 amendment and be extremely cautious when dealing with financially powerful reactionary forces that think it’s OK to hit Kids.

It ain’t.

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