Can you trust Nick Smith?

by frog

Check out below and you decide.

In February this year the Green Party heard a rumour that the review of ACC was being conducted solely by Treasury and Business New Zealand, so on 5 March we decided to put this to Nick Smith in the House.

Sue Bradford: Is it true that Business New Zealand and Treasury are currently the sole drafters of the terms of reference for a full Government review of accident compensation?

Hon Dr NICK SMITH: No, that is completely false. I have not had any discussions with either of those organisations about the changes that the Government will need to make in accident compensation, nor have officials. I wish to reassure the member that this Government is absolutely determined to ensure that New Zealand has a 24/7 accident insurance scheme that is both affordable and sustainable in the long term.

Now, this seemed a little odd – no officials had talked to Treasury about a review of a scheme that was allegedly in financial trouble.

So OIAs were put in, and the information that eventually came back showed that Nick Smith had received a briefing on 23 December 2008 about the Stocktake of ACC [PDF] that clearly stated that  … “ the department and the Treasury are still considering the scope of the review.”

On 20 February 2009, Nick Smith received a briefing on the ACC review from the Department of Labour [PDF] which was developed in consultation with the Treasury, and on which he wrote a note about the role of Treasury in the review.

In Parliament today, Green Party’s new ACC spokesperson Kevin Hague, asked Nick Smith about this. The Minister both confirmed that he stands by his answers in the house and the Treasury has been involved in the review of ACC…..


This raises the issue of whether this is the only time Nick Smith has been caught out – according to this Labour press release it isn’t.

So can Nick Smith be trusted? Over to you.

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