Fancy that. Kiwis hate National’s ETS

by frog

It was no surprise to me to find this morning a new ShapeNZ poll shows  Kiwis overwhelmingly reject National’s proposed changes to the ETS.

Eighty-two percent of National voters believe emitters should pay for any emissions in excess of New Zealand’s agreed limit under the Kyoto treaty, not taxpayers. Among Maori Party voters this rises to ninety-one percent. Voters of all types soundly reject the long phase-out of free credits and support more transparency around who is getting handouts.

Is it any wonder, given that the biggest change is that polluters will now be paid by the taxpayer not only for their current pollution, but for any increases for the next couple of hundred years. What a crock!

Nick Smith has made a real hash of his assault on ACC, picking on sexual abuse victims and baby boomer bikers. He’s also made a real hash of his ETS proposals, sucking up to business and kicking the taxpayer in the teeth for generations.

The only thing that remains to be seen is whether the Maori Party will support either of these debacles. It would be ironic if they provided their support in exchange for something they already have – kaitiakitanga  over the foreshore and seabed.

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