Audioblog: Green MPs pay tribute to Sue Bradford

Sue Bradford delivered her valedictory speech in Parliament on Wednesday, to a packed gallery of supporters from the Green Party, unions, child welfare groups, churches, NGOs and the public, and a standing ovation from MPs of all colours.

This week, as Sue leaves Parliament after ten years, the Green MPs pay tribute to one of Parliament’s hardest-working, most visible, and most colourful MPs.

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  1. Tend to agree with Philip here. Not only are very few MP’s so unpretentious – not many decide they’ve done what they can in the House and walk.
    Though I am not au fait with many of the characters in the House – what I saw of Sue’s work was most worthy – don’t have to prove anything here Sue! G’Luck and keep the Faith!

  2. At Last – Someone we can all disagree with!
    Pretty angry down at ACT HQ eh?
    Those trendy Lefty smarty Media Types….telling stories about the Minister for Silence.
    Can’t call Rodney a running -dog Capitalist can we?
    That was (is) our money he’s wasting…
    Nice to see you’re Back…now just keep walking.

  3. Toad

    So are you saying that Met, Kevin (not sure who he is) and Mad Cath have no interest in Green politics either?

  4. And when you hear Metiria, Kevin, and Catherine espousing exactly the same policies that Sue did, you might learn that there is more to the Green Party than personalities BB.

    A change of face doesn’t mean a change of policy in the Greens (as it did in the Nats when your beloved Dr Brash was replaced with the man you call Neville) because the Greens make their policy by democratic process.

  5. Great to hear these tributes to Sue from her colleagues! I agree with all that has been said by them – but I would add “compassion” to the long list of attributes mentioned. No-one can spend a lifetime doing the work she has done, with the courage and integrity she has displayed without compassion. She knows in her heart, not just her head, what it’s like to be at the bottom of the heap. And she holds that compassion for those she opposes as well. That’s the kind of example people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King displayed. People like Sue are very rare in the history of our parliament.

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