A host of cycle signs!

I wandr’d lonely as a cyclist
That sweats on by o’er vale and rise
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of bright green cycle signs
Beside the road, beneath the heights
With stop boxes gleaming at the lights

And then my heart with pleasure sighed
As I cycled on the cycle signs

More parts of the Central Connector (a busway that will connect Newmarket to Britomart) are being completed every week. These photos show the improvements that have been made on Symonds Street, including widening the bus lane so that there is more room for buses and cyclists.

widened bus & cycle lane

They’ve also added in some cycle signs and advanced stop boxes for cyclists at the more perilous lights to give them some room to get away at lights and cross over lanes without having to lunge into moving traffic.

advanced stop box

While this part of the Central Connector still isn’t ideal for either cyclists or (I’m sure) bus drivers and users,  it’s a huge improvement on what was there before. This is excellent work from Auckland City Council.

Now if only we could convince the government to re-introduce Jeanette’s Climate Change (Transport Funding) Bill into Parliament then city councils could get 100% of funding for such bus and cycle ways from the NZTA if the economic case was strong enough. Instead of just getting 100% funding for state highways as they do today…

It’s time for a level playing field for all transport modes!

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