Gutting ACC – compensation cuts for casual and seasonal employees

I really can’t say this any better than Gordon Campbell has:

Amongst all the various changes that will be made to ACC entitlements, Green Party MP Sue Bradford is right to highlight the change to entitlements or seasonal or casual workers – who will now receive support based on their annual earnings, and not on their income during the immediate period before they were injured.

The logic being used by government ignores the vulnerability of the workers and families involved. More and more of the workforce is being employed in casual and part time work, usually at the bottom end of the income ladder. To reduce the compensation for such people is to penalise those most in need of state support, through a period of injury and rehabilitation – especially since they are the least likely to have reserves of savings to make up the shortfall.

This cut potentially affects almost a quarter of the workforce if they have the misfortune to have to take time off work because of injury.

Why should casual and seasonal workers have their weekly compensation assessed as if they were in permanent full-time employment?

It’s just not fair.

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  1. Is the public system going to reduce the ACC premiums to these employers, to compensate for the reduced cover, or is that being left as a wind-fall for the private competitors?

    I presume that there’s no plan to increase the weeks-in-the-year of work, to put the family back where they would have been if they’d earned on-season wages rather than annual average wages in that week.

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