NZ Govt risks apostrophe war in archipelago

by frog

The NZ Government today irresponsibly issued a press statement that threatens instability in South East Asia. It is headed: “Groser NZ rep at Indonesian Presidents inauguration“.

One small slip of a Ministerial press secretary’s key-stoke has resulted in Indonesia having more than one President. The confusion is caused by an unfortunate and unforgivable missing apostrophe in the phrase “Indonesian Presidents inauguration”.

An anonymous Professor of Strategic Studies declared, “there is a risk that this error will severely strain diplomatic relations, and may even escalate into full scale civil-war”.

Someone wise once said that the word is more powerful than the sword, and today’s Government statement could be seen as a desperate and venal attempt by the New Zealand Government to provoke Indonesia.

One equally-anonymous blogger noted that a civil war could serve New Zealand in a number of ways:

  • it could distract Indonesia from noticing the mining potential of our National Parks
  • they’d want our milk for the soldiers
  • it could raise demand and price of oil and we could sell them ours
  • it could even wipe the smug grin off Obama’s face – that Nobel really should have gone to Murray McCully, until today at least.

The Green Party renewed it’s call for better grammatical standards in New Zealand, if only to keep world peace. ;)


And frog has booked in for some therapy.

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