Gutting ACC: What a shambles!

by frog


I’m planning to do a series of frogblog posts on National’s plans to gut ACC, highlighting the devastating impact of each of them on people who have been injured and their families.

But before I even got to post the first one, ACC Minister Nick Smith has revealed how badly National has politically managed their pernicious proposals.

Green MPs and staffers were all geared up today to oppose the Bill to implement the ACC cuts, which National had intended to introduce under Parliamentary urgency – a far too frequent and undemocratic tactic of theirs.  But when the Parliamentary Order Paper appeared, the Bill to gut ACC wasn’t on it.

The reason, as Radio New Zealand reports – National can’t get the numbers, even from their own support parties!

Act won’t vote for it because it doesn’t go far enough towards the privatisation they want, and the Maori Party won’t vote for it because they have some serious concerns about the unfairness of aspects of it – particularly to those in their voter base.

So, who knows when the Bill will surface in Parliament.

As suggested at The Standard, National fudge the numbers for the ACC accounts so they can claim a “blow out” to justify their cuts, but they didn’t even bother to ensure they can get the numbers in Parliament to pass their legislation through its First Reading.

Anyway, I’m a somewhat more relaxed frog now than I was this morning, because, thanks to National making such a mess of it, I have a bit more time for getting the nasty detail of this pernicious Bill out to frogblog readers.

Watch this space – there is plenty more to come on National’s plans to gut ACC.

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