Giant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs on the Rise

The latest climate change boogeyman fits the bill on all levels. It’s big, it’s slimy, it’s scary, and it’s on the increase because of rising temperatures due to climate change.


I’ve encountered these babies myself while diving, and they are most unpleasant. Nati0nal Geographic has written them up in all their glory:

Up to 124 miles (200 kilometers) long, the mucilages appear naturally, usually near Mediterranean coasts in summer. The season’s warm weather makes seawater more stable, which facilitates the bonding of the organic matter that makes up the blobs (Mediterranean map).

Now, due to warmer temperatures, the mucilages are forming in winter too—and lasting for months.

Watch the movie, and quiver!

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  1. Don’t be cynical Fly – apartheid never happened….and certainly not here…shame we dont mix easy – i got no hangups there.
    But there’s plenty of Aroha for
    P.Taito Field…maybe he sells himself to the cheapest bidder too!
    (something we can all understand)
    We bourgousie could do anything….the commies are waiting
    for the weak, the halt and the lame you know…no soft latex/foam intro’s there

    The nucleus of the blobs will be ancient frozen dinosaurs of course…caught a bad cold, and died – anyone can sympathise with that.

  2. Frog: What exactly are these blobs? Has there been any scientific investigation and samples taken to decide what they are?

    Or are we going to leave these blobs in the realme of science fiction?

  3. Nommopilot,
    Actually, greengeeks statement relates to the formation of cells (thus his mention of micelles). Cells are incredibly advanced forms of life and are, in all likelyhood, the result of much prior evolution. Assuming that the dead, or even still alive, bodies of those prior, more simple, life forms (potentially/probally even just proten strands) are able to make a blob similar to that mentioned here then greengeek does actually have a point; at least in-so-far as his logic is not bung.

  4. “An open mind is not a vacant mind.”

    Depends which end is open…

    One problem with your logic: These are biological masses so for life to have first formed in them their would need to have been life for them to be formed from…

  5. I don’t think we should be too hasty to condemn these blobs as evil.

    As far as I can tell life began in the sea, and it seems logical to me that cellular formation would have it’s best chance within a fatty blob such as this.

    The very first micelles would probably have been dashed to pieces if exposed to the elements, so mucilaginous accretions may have presented a protected environment.

    An open mind is not a vacant mind.

  6. Really pentwig, so feeble a response is of course typical of you deniers – desperate as usual to grasp at straws.

    However, my view is optomistic, in that this is yet another straw on the camels back of ‘business as usual’. Straws of course weigh little compared to the mass of the camel, but it is certain neverthelessis that the camel will collapse under the weight eventually.

    Not that this particular straw weighs little in my view. The sea is as important as the atmosphere in sustaining this planet in it’s equilibrium or more or less steady state. ( of course the nature of this state changes over time & from one age to another can be very different )

    It is possible that these mucilages have existed for eons, but if you take note of the word exponential, you will get an idea of what this researcher if getting at.

    Change over eons is very different from change from the 1700’s till now & more particularly in the time span discussed.

    As to the cause, it is hardly relevant in the sense that potential damage is the important thing. A possibility to study, for serious risk assessors, is ‘what if this was the beginning of an accelerating trend with the potential end point of the choking of the Med.& other tropical/subtropical waters’.

    Do a thought experiment – as the subject of Climate Change is moot in your opinion, doesn’t it yet fascinate you to think – gee, this mucous stuff has been growing exponentially now for a decade or so, what’s causing it ? Rather than ” not another CC scam ”

    So in summary, the important point surely is “is this a serious subject for further rather urgent research”, or “not to worry folks its been around since the 1700’s to our knowledge & is just sludge”.

    Being a serious person, unlike some, guess where my vote goes ?

  7. A really scientific piece of reporting! Fully deserving of space in a green blog to educate the uneducated.

    I expect to see the normal green “doomsday approaching” press release forthcoming. Perhaps as soon as Goldman Sachs realise how to make a couple of billion out of it.

    Earliest reportings in 1729!

    You guys must be desperate.

  8. Like I said Frog… it might be AGW or it might be the nutrient load in the water. It is not clearly one or the other and could well be both, but is unlikely to be neither. I have a pretty strong notion that I don’t have data to determine it 🙂


  9. Mark – casting aside the dooner! But Master Key threw his warm arm over them pinning them to the mattress for another round of sweet and tender mana-enhancement.

  10. I disagree BJ. I’ve seen these (in much lessor sizes) here in NZ waters, particularly in the man made marinas where the water can stagnate and also warm up. I’ve seen them in the Atlantic too. This is not a localised problem in the Med, except for their size. The Med has apparently always had bigger ones, but not lasting into winter. It is the sort of thing one could expect from AGW.

  11. Maybe the drums of nuclear waste have begun to leak?
    Wait’ll they hit land and grow legs.
    Fly; warmer weather here, maybe the Maori Party were thinking of hopping out of bed?
    Too much of a good thing?

  12. Headlines: Oct 15 2009

    ACC levies set to rise massively.
    Budget deficit worst in NZ history.
    Govt U-turn delivers rugby cup to Maori TV.

    Quote of the day: Act MP Sir Roger Douglas said Mr Key’s ‘interference’ in the screening bordered on Muldoonism.
    “Not since the days of Muldoon has a prime minister acted in such a heavy-handed manner with flagrant disregard for the principles of governance”, Sir Roger said.

    What a day for the Nats! (What a day for us!)

  13. Given that the Mafia was disposing of toxic waste by purposely scuttling shiploads of the stuff (and pocketing the supposed processing costs), I can’t so quickly ascribe the increase in this stuff to AGW. Can’t say it isn’t, but I’ve seen what flows into that Sea… it isn’t pretty.

    Gets a definite “maybe” in terms of AGW.

  14. Getting colder, not warmer, sweetdisorder?
    Then clearly those blobs are the coagulated mucus that drips from the noses of beach-going, head-in-the-sand deniers. We should thank our lucky stars that those same light-phobic burrowers don’t use sun-screen, refusing to believe, as they do, that the ozone layer has thinned as the result of man-made gases, and that they need change their behaviour in any way to avoid harm. Thankful for small mercies, us!

  15. “Giant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs on the Rise”, my first thought was is Al Gore coming to NZ?

    Oh, and what warmer temps? latest temps have sea temp getting colder, not warmer.

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