George Orwell would be impressed with ETS minions

by frog

In a classic case of doublethink, the minions at the Ministry for the Environment have withheld all the contents of an ETS cabinet document clearly labelled “Approved for Release”.

No doubt the ‘Director, Climate and Risk’ , recently transferred along with others from MED,  (‘restructuring’ people who care for the environment with those who care more for Big Brother, perhaps?), thought it too risky to release anything other than the title. The current political climate is simply too risky for the truth about our government’s subsidy shenanigans to be known!

Moderated NZ ETS: Detail on industrial sector free allocation parameters proposed for inclusion in draft legislation

The result is a blank two page document!

Maybe we should change the ‘Director, Climate and Risk’ persons name to Winston Smith?

Other documents released by Nick Smith on Friday afternoon have other interesting items withheld. We’ll never really know what was going through the mind of our beloved Minister.

While some are crying for Smith to be fired and Labour’s bullduck is trying to cast aspersions on his fitness, I reckon he knows exactly what he is doing.

More is the pity. George Orwell would be very impressed….


frog says

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