A few quotes from John Key – pre election

“National will have policies that reflect the fact that living on a diet of carbon will be increasingly bad – bad for the world and bad for our economy. We will have policy that encourages ‘climate friendly’ choices like windmills, hydro power and tree planting, and reduces the desire for ‘climate unfriendly’ behaviours, like burning coal”

“Any political party with an eye to New Zealand’s future success must pursue policies that protect and promote our environmental assets.”

“National will provide Kiwis with good signals about the cars that are the best for the environment. We will do this by ensuring our emission and noise standards for new vehicles keep up with international standards and practices and by introducing more sophisticated emissions and noise testing for existing vehicles. If Kiwis have a highly polluting or excessively noisy car, we think they should know about it and have an incentive to do something about it”

“National proudly shares many of your values: like you, we want to protect our unique native species. We want our children and grandchildren to be able to swim in our rivers and lakes. We believe in sound environmental science. We are committed to high environmental standards”

“Government policy decisions over the next few years will have consequences that keep reverberating not just for the next 10 or 20 years but for the next 50 and beyond. So it’s vital we get them right.”

and lastly:

“We should always measure a government’s environmental rhetoric against its environmental record”

Thanks to Forest and Bird for pulling these together.

So how are those nice words stacking up? Well, so far National has:

  • Announced ETS Review to find out if climate change is real
  • Repealed Biofuel Bill, including sustainability standard
  • Scrapped “Love NZ” public place recycling
  • Scrapped $1bn insulation fund
  • Introduced the Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Act, which, amongst other things, prohibits councils from making general rules about trimming or felling trees.
  • Hiked the fee for commencing appeal or inquiry proceedings in the Environment Court from $55 to $500, so community groups can’t afford to file against environmentally damaging projects.
  • Cut funding to Enviroschools
  • Cut funding to the Department of Conservation, including natural heritage management
  • Cut funding to the Ministry for the Environment
  • Cut funding for fisheries sustainability, biosecurity
  • Refused to stop the import of palm kernel, despite overwhelming evidence and public outcry
  • Opposed (and killed) Marine Animals Bill
  • Introduced terrible ETS Bill
  • Budget for environmental education: cancelled.
  • Renewable electricity preference: cancelled.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy: cancelled
  • Fuel economy standards for cars entering New Zealand: cancelled
  • Minimum energy performance standards for appliances: seriously delayed
  • DoC’s budget: cut by $13.5m/year
  • Plans to mine in National Parks

I’m seeing a wee disconnect here. Are you?

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  1. What Key was saying before the election were suger coated bullets, if one was to take such statements at face value one would think that he was standing for the Greens.

    No Key was sucking in the right green vote.

    As for living within our means should the ecosystem collapse, then what would be the financial cost?

    The answer to that would be un thinkable!!!!!

    Mr. Keys election promises have proven to be just cheap talk.

  2. what is this dichotomy of like/dislike all about Froggo?
    Are we converting to a binary, black and white code, in order to speak to our computers better?

    efitte sir…

    surely life – is always beyond one lens….
    give up – there’s always a ball somewhere

    whatever else a photo is – it’s still life
    in a way that life is never still…

    Might make a half decent Chrissie card –
    I hate to mention it but.

    Happy trails, clearer skies,
    etc…no 5 Categories of the Disappointed
    as written on a flax leaf by Wiremu on the day that…
    oh…never mind.

    1 “I’m not wiping that up!”
    2 Good – it walks and talks, it’s leaving lover…
    3 Average – about what you’d expect from a flunkey…
    etc…lets grab the cat and go sailing
    vote for 3-10 by all means….

    but “Keymunism” has that dynastic lust hey?

  3. wat

    How is a balance of payments deficit bad?

    It is nor bad, PROVIDED New Zealand has forecasted earnings (cashflow) that will pay for the capital plus interest required to pay for the goods.

    New Zealand does not have those forecasted earnings so a payment deficit is bad, bad, very bad.

    Now if we were to be like Australia and dig up a few assets we might be OK.

    But we wont, so we absolutely must live within our means.

    If you think housing has a bubble, wait till government borrowing reaches proportions that are not able to be paid back ever. Then New Zealand will loose sovereignty to the lenders.

    And we may be forced to dig up the coal.

  4. Same for an individual or a nation, spend more than you earn and you are going down the gurgler.
    How is it good Wat?

  5. Don’t worry Kiwireader, with our balance of payments deficit, we are quite capable of reaching third world status, Greenz or no Greenz.
    I just want clean water etc when we get there.

  6. BLiP, our problem is that we don’t vote people in, we vote people out. While we keep doing that we are going to keep getting rubbish governments.

  7. Provides another entry in the codespeak dictionary:

    “Don’t scare the horses” means “seduce them with sweet nothings and screw them afterwards”.

  8. We could have talked with them before the election, but if we’d made a deal with them we’d be having another election already. Something about a vote of confidence. Looks like a good list. Lots of hammers. Lets see the team using them.


  9. I’d like to point out that the ETS bill isn’t even an ETS- it’s a very low carbon tax with exemptions for large polluters.

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