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The Bluegreens meet this weekend. In seeking to glass over the anti-environmental record of this Government to date, they even claim the $10 waste levy as their own – when they initially voted against the Greens’s Waste Minimisation Act that created the waste reduction price signal.

Leading Bluegreen and the National Party’s long-time environment spokesperson, now the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Dr Nick Smith, is proud of his environmental commitment. His blog before the election:

New Zealand’s environment is at the core of our national identity and our way of life. For most Kiwis it is considered a birthright to be able to get out and enjoy our great outdoors.  This unique ability to camp, fish, tramp, hunt, and picnic is part of what defines us as New Zealanders, and is enjoyed by young and old alike.

The reality is, though, that our natural environment, which we are all so proud of, is not being well managed.

Now, many are pointing finger and him and his Government – and noting the lack of influence of the Bluegreens – about the management of our natural environment; on climate change, enviroschools, RMA reform, funding, and now attempts to steal protected conservation land for mining.

Nick has been surprisingly silent on the decision of Ministers Brownlee and Groser to do a stock-take of our premiere conservation land for its mining potential. Was he consulted? We know he was given a copy of Brownlee’s speech prior, but did he read it? Does he support it?

The view from Mt Owen

The view from Mt Owen

What’s up, Nick?

Nick proudly displays a large landscape photo of Kahurangi National Park’s Mt Owen above his office reception desk.

Will he let his Government mine it for the gold in the granite quartz seams?

He proudly displays Forest and Bird mags in his office reception as conservation-cred.

Has he listened their perspective on the Government’s decision to assess National Parks and Nature Reserves for mining?

Listen_to_the_HeatbeatAnd his reception area coffee-table book is LISTEN to the Heartbeat of the Earth, a “collection of inspirational images of the natural environment …each reminding us what a fragile and special place we live in.”

Will listening to the rumble of mining machines and photos of scarred mountains be his Government’s contribution?

Before the election the National Environment Spokesperson Nick Smith said “The burning of coal is the dirtiest form of energy and the single largest global source of greenhouse gases.”

Why then does his Government want to find more, and from under our most high value conservation land?

What’s up, Nick?

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