NZ embassy on “high terror alert”

Wow, shades of George W raising the terror alert for political advantage. I can see the average kiwi quaking in his boots while the police suit up for further terror raids.

But no, it was just nervous NZ diplomatic staff,  too scared or too embarrassed to accept their Fossil of the Day award.

Today it was New Zealand’s turn (our delegation had won the award for threatening to lower NZ’s already weak targets below the 10-20% range we’d promised if ‘it did not like the final agreement’). Unlike the Canadian and Algerian embassy staff, those at the New Zealand embassy in Berlin appeared to panic.  The campaigners were asked to leave immediately.

The representatives at the embassy apparently claimed they were ‘not in a position’ to receive the satirical award, and said that the responsible person was ‘not in the office’. The bizarre thing was that they then asked the group to leave, claiming to be on ‘high terror alert’.

Jeanette did a release on NZ’s duplicitous emissions target backdown.

To me, this little incident highlights how difficult it must be to try and represent a government that has lost all credibility on climate change and fiscal responsibility.

Making taxpayers assume 100% of the business risk and 90% of all the costs associated with climate change is foolhardy to say the least.

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