Calves starve to death on NZ’s largest dairy farm

by frog

Yep, it’s the Crafar boys again.


Poor management and the pressures of massive debts obtained during rapid expansion meant this farm was so poorly managed that none of the staff trained the calves to drink milk, allowing them to die of dehydration in a muddy pen even though their trough was often full.

And this is not the first time:

MAF’s inspectors were called in to this farm and others in the Crafar Farms group many times in recent years, yet this and others like it were allowed to keep operating.

Crafar Farms pleaded guilty to 56 charges of neglecting dozens of dead and dying cows at one of its Hawkes Bay farms in September 2006, but was fined just NZ$200 and allowed to continue operating, Hawkes Bay Today reported.

$200! Haha. The cost / time of driving to court and back is worse than the fine

This is what growth at all costs gets you. Thankfully most farmers are nothing like the Crafars. Clearly MAF is pretty spineless, aye?

Read the full story on – the comments at the bottom are really good. Lots of farmers telling their stories, and well informed opinion.

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