Australia: dustbowl 2.0

Sydney, lookin red
Sydney, lookin red

Well if this isn’t a vision of the future come to life, I don’t know what is. Obviously, the dust is a result of the years (10?) of drought that Australia is experiencing, which may-or-may-not (tongue firmly in cheek) be climate change in action.

People in Sydney awoke today to discover the sky was turned a hellish red in the extremely rare weather event.

Ferries have been cancelled and flights to Sydney airport have been diverted as visibility has been severely reduced.

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  1. More self-serving dishonest comments from Wat. Nobody said “Australia has never had a sandstorm before” Wat. They just said “this might start happening more often”.

    A sandstorm hit Tianenmen Square when I was there in 2000, apparently one of eight to hit Beijing that year. Locals said it had ony started happening recently. Probably more due to chemical agriculture than climate change, but if China gets any drier I expect there’ll be more of them.

  2. Also…

    “The year 1902 was one of appalling drought in eastern Australia. Whenever strong winds blew, dessicated soil was whipped into great dust clouds. On the worst day, Wednesday 12 November, northwesterly gales caused exceptional dust-storms to sweep across three states.”

    “The extended dry period of the 1930s and 1940s generated many severe dust-storms, culminating in the summer of 1944/45 when on several occasions dust in Adelaide was so thick that street lighting had to be turned on.”

    So more dishonest self-serving propaganda from the Greens then.

  3. The following is to be read in a ranting Southern preacher style:

    The Fires of global warming hell are roaring usunder!!, the vile demons and wing-ed beasts of the apocalypse are spreading their deadly venom and breathing destruction upon allllllll who refuse to repent of their carbon crimes!!
    Repent!! repent! of your crimes you who say the science is unsettled, repent of your wickedness you who worship the power of old blazey otherwise known as the sun.

    That, or a bit of spring equinox wind has kicked up a bit of dust.

  4. Oz has had these before, not too long ago either…

    Which means that there is no way to attribute it to any recent change. Or not.

    However, if things in Oz get worse and this gets to be a more frequent event… that would be rather… bad, and it might well be a vision of things-to-come. However that is all speculation.

    We will know eventually. Too late to do anything about it if we get it wrong and it is worse than the denialists hope… but eventually we’ll know. Good news coming out of the UN conference though.


  5. No you’re wrong.

    Australia only had red sand and wind since man started heating up the atmosphere with CO2.

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