Give me an ‘H’ for Whanganui!

by frog

The Geographic Board has spoken. Unanimously. Whanganui should get its ‘H’ back, as the original settlers intended. I can hear the howls and gnashing of teeth from the Mayor’s office all the way over here in Wellington. The invective is flowing, (not that it ever stops flowing from the bombastic Mayor), with Laws labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with him a racist, and the Council will appeal the ruling.

The real irony is that John Key’s cast off Minister, Maurice Williamson, gets the final say. I’ll bet John wasn’t thinking about this when he stashed the unwanted Minister over at Land Information!

Spelling mistake, eh? Let’s get it corrected and move on, a little better informed. Kudos to those courageous souls at Te Runanga O Tupoho, who have seen this project through over a very long time.

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Published in Justice & Democracy | Society & Culture by frog on Thu, September 17th, 2009   

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