Parliament mined, fossils detected

I glanced out my window this afternoon and was alarmed to see Parliament lawn swarming with menacing figures dressed in white suits and armed with metal detectors, seemingly prospecting one of New Zealand’s finest heritage sites for minerals.


Mining on the lawns

Fortunately it was a bunch of Green supporters turning the tables on the Government, in a stunt marking the launch of our petition opposing plans to steal our most precious conservation lands for mining.

So I hopped on down in time to hear Metiria give a poignant speech that touched on the origins of New Zealand’s first National Park, Tongariro, which was gifted to the Crown by Tuwharetoa in 1887 to forever protect the sacred mountains from development. It was a timely reminder of the hard work, faith and trust that has gone into protecting special and unique places around the country over many generations.

This week is Conservation Week, with the theme ‘Get Involved: Who knows?’ . This is a time for celebrating what is beautiful and precious about our natural heritage, but the conservation movement and all those people who cherish our conservation estate for recreation, education, relaxation and renewal are now plunged into defending it all over again from a Government hell-bent on sacrificing our common heritage for short-term profit. So yeah, get involved, sign our petition!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the prospectors turned up little of interest, just a few old dinosaur fossils.

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  1. You are so right. Elaborate stunts are a super cool way to draw attention to super important issues, as is meaningless drivel to draw attention to second rate, no, total shite web design services.
    Good on you charlotte web design, you remind me of something I saw in the toilet today.
    Have a super dooper evening.

  2. Greenfly

    Shame on you man, you have it totally wrong
    Wife in the Holden V8 towing the dual wheel caravan and me in the V8 Lexus towing the twin 220 hp outboards boat.
    Stuff your greeny car and tent thingies, I know how to live.

  3. Pentwiggle – it’s not often I feel disappointed, but your absence from our little dialogue here has taken the shine of my day a little. You were shaping up to be fun (clowning around and all that!) but you’ve pulled up the pegs of your stripey tent, packed the honky-horned car and tootled off. Oh well, it’s well known that the circus will return to town, eventually, so til then I’ll say, thanks for the fun times, pentwiggle, honk! honk! (wipes tear from eye, brushes candyfloss from top lip and walks across the ticket strewn mud toward his home). SOB!

  4. pentwiggle – size 13 feet! I remember you – red nose, white face paint, extra-baggy pants! You were funny as! My kids laughed and laughed!
    Thanks for bringing so much joy into the world, you ol’ clown you!

  5. Couldn’t even summon the energy to get off his arse this afternoon! Surely his refusal to answer a question in the House sets a sinister precedent for government accountability? Has it happened before, I wonder.

  6. I’d recommend everyone reading this to print a copy of the petition, sign it, and wave it at their friends. I’ve found that people will sign it the moment they hear what it’s about – and every signature will add weight to the petition and help convince the government that this will come back to bite them.

  7. Yes, kick-arse season is on.

    Pita Sharples, btw, looked as though he’d choked on a kumara while announcing his ‘koha’ from National – 2000 free insulation installations for Maori as the price for supporting the spineless, toothless, hopeless, ETS. Key meanwhile, did all he could to call Sharples a liar, driving home, in his garbled, English mangling way, that the recipients of the largess (blood money) wouldn’t be Maori, but lower socioeconomic blah, blah, blah.
    English, btw, looked completely f@ucked by the questions over his ‘allowances’. It’s backs-against-the-wall time boys.

  8. no..there was a definite marbled deeper/more ‘forest-green’ tinge to the whole thing..

    more of it..!..i say..!

    but..y’know..if the maori party get either of what is heralded for them..

    (on a pure political win/gain level) will far surpass the/any ‘gains’ made by the greens..

    in nine long years..of cohabiting..on different levels/degrees..

    with clark/labour..


    ‘sad’..but true..

    no more ‘me nice guy’ from/by the

    that tactic was tried for long enough..

    it’s way past time to start kicking

  9. yeah..she had him rattled…

    it bodes well for the future..

    that she was able to do that..

    he had that same harried/hunted look you’ll see on rodney hides’ face..

    on backbenchers..tonight..


  10. I just love this bit…
    “New Zealand’s first National Park, Tongariro, which was gifted to the Crown by Tuwharetoa in 1887 to forever protect the sacred mountains from development”
    I’d go as far to say that it was promised (should be an entrenched law?!) that we, as children of NZ, would forever protect and retain these spaces for all generations. Mining in National Parks is like spitting on the graves of our ancestors (who chose to put us before profit). Do we have the gumption to do the same for our children?

    One of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt from our Tāngata Whenua is that we do not own the land, we are merely guardians.

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