Minister mining for inspiration

An avid frog reader has sent in this photo of the Minister of Energy and Resources, Gerry Brownlee, mining inspiration from a quality resource.

Credit: Photo sent in by Glenn Murdoch

Gerry was so inspired he decided to tell a mining conference that he wanted to open up our best conservation land for mining.

Reasonable access to the mineral estate in Crown-owned land, particularly conservation land, is a key issue. … Some of the areas within Schedule 4 [which includes National Parks] are known to host significant [mining] potential…

Very inspirational indeed Gerry – it’s up there with sexy coal!

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  1. “NACToids”? Aren’t they the polypy-things that get up your nose and have to be surgically removed?

    Given the behaviour of the Maori Party, perhaps we should be looking for ways to cauterize HEMIroids as well.

  2. michaela says:
    September 15, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    > The NACToids can’t align our ETS with Aussie because our emissions profile doesn’t match theirs.

    why would our emissions profiles need to match before we could align our ETSes?

    I think they broadly have aligned the two ETSes – both countries are now planning to have ETSes that give subsidies to big emitters and give little or no incentive to reduce emissions.

  3. The NACToids can’t align our ETS with Aussie because our emissions profile doesn’t match theirs. Therefore Jerry intends to alter our profile until it does conform to Oz then we can uplift theirs ETS. Certainly saves on official’s time so we can get by with a smaller Public Service.

  4. Getting your info from ‘People’ magazine is Not a Good Sign – he’ll fluff it up I reckon. Bumptious all right.

  5. I wonder if these Climate Criminals will ‘come clean’ & confess to their crimes & beg forgiveness at Copenhagen ? Or will they not bother to turn up in fear of being pilloried & showered with Poo. My guess is they will brazen it out whilst claiming to be on the side of sense & ‘getting us out of the recession’ by ‘creating’all those mining jobs, allowing us all to drive deisel/lignite powered 4 W drs. around our wasteland ‘Natural National Parks ! The Beehive Comedy Fest continues !

  6. Go little substance – so much hot air – long as he doesn’t climb that ladder; ACC wont pay for Backyard Moonshots Gerry.

  7. Poor old Eric. Seems like he’s been in Parliament forever, but can’t quite get the position that brings the power and the perks.

    Sad, really. He’s got far more talent than Judith Tizard, but somehow she managed to be a Minister Outside Cabinet for 3 terms while people with talent in Labour languished on the backbenches.

    Guess Eric’s just not brown-nosing enough. C’mon Eric, just a few more sniffs on the lignite and you could be there!

  8. Wow. Double D could make a killing! The he might not have to ask for the extra $20 a week accommodation allowance because he has a “big house” in Karori.

  9. Trees, the real irony is that Eric Roy is Head Boy, under Nick Smith, of the BlueGreens.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for the biggest lignite deposites to be found beneath the gentle hamlet of Dipton.

  10. Will also effect people in Bill English’s electorate. they can bike around and look at coal mines on the new National Cycleway??

  11. its ironic too with Eric Roy as he is in Invercargill (Southland) and mining would destroy potential farming and forstry land.

    his only role seems to be:
    * Member, Primary Production Committee

    ‘Eric lives in Southland and is involved in primary industry including farming and forestry.’

  12. Eric Roy has been getting his script from Solid Energy and L&M mining then – two countries that are pro coal diesel (liquid lignite). India and Africa use the technology – its roughly four times as polluting as petrol, and is a ww2 German Technology – goes with NZs 50s roading policies.

    from 2007:
    Solid Energy has spent about $60 million in the past two years buying land in eastern Southland for the lignite underneath.

    Don Elders views on lignite – were one of the reasons he clashed with the then Climate Minister David Parker at an energy conference

  13. Law changes wld be required + permissions from govt.

    Done, in the twinkling of an eye.

    Eric Roy has been talking up coal to diesel technology (sparkling clean!) for sometime now. Grubby little men with grubby plans.

  14. 80% of new zealand coal is in southland – it would take a long time to dig it up – and law changes wld be required + permissions from govt.

    can provide some links if you want to do some reading.

    Solid Energy and L&M are in there. Both want lignite – and even offered Comalco some coal for energy… looks like the 90% renewable energy target isnt one shared by energy minister Brownlee and pansy wong.

    also looks like Brownlee wants nzers driving lignite diesel cars, not electric cars like nick smith.

  15. treesoftomorrow – the stinking Southland lignite is as good as out of the hole already. The old paper mill at Mataura is being developed as a ‘processing facility’ for the sulphurous cr*p already. Huge tracts of prime farmland are in the ownership of Solid Energy and the spin has been entangling the people of the south for several years now. Gerry’s ‘tumescent finger’ points sky-high when he’s down here.

  16. i still think he largely wants to mine national parks, as he is too overweight to tramp through wilderness areas and in national parks.

    he wouldnt be fit enough to visit an area like Happy Valley (the Waimangaroa Valley), so he believes the shoddy PR from his Boss Don Elder and the mining industry.

    Also nats want to dig up farming land in Southland for coal. Good at making enemies these tories.

  17. greenfly

    I reckon he was reading about reductions, he sat on the plane in front of me after I took this pic. He takes up two seats, does that mean we, as taxpayers, have to buy two seats for him on planes for the rest of his life…???

  18. “denuded wasteland” – page three of the magazine Gerry’s pawing, or a comment on the landscape inside of his head?

  19. “The Crown Minerals Act sets out a process for amending Schedule 4 and as part of that process the Minister of Conservation and I will need to consult with interests likely to be substantially affected by any changes before making a decision.”

    No prizes for guessing whose interests will be considered to be “substantially affected”. Not us oiks who just happen to own the conservation estate, I suspect.

    “The building of a road through the ranges to get access to the coal mine has actually opened up that area of the country for people who otherwise wouldn’t get to experience it.”

    Indeed. What use is nature if you can’t drive your SUV through it?

    “Waste rock embankments and disturbed land are being returned to productive pasture.”

    The creation of pasture is of course being an optimal environmental outcome.

    “Solid Energy has an environmental policy of reasonably minimising the adverse local environmental affects that may be an unavoidable part of operating coal mines.”

    You’ve only got to look at the Stockton mine on Google Earth to see just how ‘minimal’ the impact has been. If it wasn’t for the huge area of denuded wasteland you’d hardly notice it.

  20. Gerry’s got his nose in page 14 – Dieting tips for summer:

    Reduce the size of your conservation estate!

    Keyhole surgery on the cheap!

    Ligni-suction , the painless way to transfer the weight from your ‘private parts’ to your pocket!

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