Gerry The Dinosaur

Once upon a time there was a large hungry dinosaur called Gerry who loved eating rocks more than anything else.   He lived near a beautiful forest but he had never been allowed to enter and eat the rocks and pull out the trees. He had been told he couldn’t tramp through the clear shining rivers with his muddy feet. Gerry waited for years for some other dinosaurs to come along and help him to pull apart the fences around the forest, and eventually a group of digger and crusher dinosaurs turned up in his neighbourhood. Gerry and the diggers and crushers decided the time was right to get into that forest and have some fun.

In the long years of waiting Gerry had also joined another dinosaur social club which had managed to get voted into Government. Gerry now had the power to push through the fences and his digger and crusher dinosaur friends were incredibly excited.

They were sure that shiny trinkets under the rocks and the nasty black polluting coal would make them richer at last. To their annoyance other species objected to their plans and claimed that the forest was too important to dig up. The birds, insects, native fish, indigenous people and some other humans insisted that the forest was a vital part of the climate and the trees were needed for future generations. Some even claimed that gold and coal were best kept underground and that the peace of the forest was treasure for all time. Others claimed that the forest was a place of stories, medicine and wild foods and that their ancestors lived there and wanted to be left in peace as well.

Gerry was annoyed that so many other species objected to his plans and decided that he could change the rules to help the diggers and crushers enter the forest. He announced that the rules would soon be modified and that everyone would benefit since mining and forests were totally compatible land uses.

Much to his amazement the entire population except the diggers and crushers rose up and prevented him and his mates from wrecking the forest. They also held a telethon to raise funds and bought Gerry the dinosaur and the diggers and crushers a suite of rooms in a retirement village for species whose ideas are deeply passé. Sometimes on quiet nights you can hear Gerry grumbling sadly and greedily from his distant corner but the call of the ruru and the sound of the river running over the rocks is so much stronger.

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  1. well Phil, the consensus is in!
    Good content – but lose the double spacing, and a tiny bow to punctuation won’t cost a thing.
    Construct dem ideas – Frank Zappa once said
    “No ones ideas were ever changed by an argument”
    And lots of us agree with him.
    And NZ simply doesn’t have a good Blog that discusses International
    UN and Legal News
    But you can do that well Phil

  2. If it seems like phil is talking to himself above, it’s because I deleted four posts from d4j after having warned him repeatedly in recent weeks that this would happen to any posts he made that were nothing but personal attacks.

    Though provoked, phil did not respond in kind, to his credit.

  3. a blend of two particularly fine examples..actually..

    of the ‘normal’ stuff..

    (i am very fond of a good ‘blend’

    and anyway..!

    how are ya..!..sweetie..!


  4. here is my farewell to him..

    (and his ‘last word’..

    ..the exchanges with him over that 24 hrs made me think of one of those awkward/petulant/spoiled children.. a big body..

    and to think this clown has aspirations to run the labour party..?


    “..philu says:
    September 4, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    hey..lets call it a voluntary trev..

    you/yr blog..

    are nothing but a sad joke..

    a little echo chamber..

    with only sycophantic comments allowed..?




    Thanks that is a win win Trevor..”

    (mallard has also ran like an mp to a troughing-whistle/alert..

    whenever he has appeared at kiwiblog..

    and i have popped up and asked him a question..

    he never answered one..

    (d’yathink it might have been something i said..?..)

    and..’wither free speech..?’..

    eh ? mallard..?

    ..and what a sad advertisment for what the labour party has become..he/red alert is/are..

    what mallard censored was me asking if he could comment on the oecd child poverty statsreleased yesterday.. comment with the question..just the question..


    and despite that report having been released..

    and no doubt because we went backwards under labour..

    there has not been a mention of/on that indictment of their nine yearsof wilful neglect..

    and ignoring of the poorest/worst off..

    for shame..!



  5. fly..if you want some fun..

    go over to red alert..

    and see how long it takes you to get a ‘first-warning’/’no more corresponance will be entered into/one week ban threat.multiple comments deleted..

    the catch have to be exceedingly polite..

    just ask awkward questions..

    (hint:..’child poverty’ is a touchy subject..)

    anyway..i achieved all the above in 24 hrs..

    and self-banned myself this afternoon..

    see how you do..!

    (it’s called mallard-baiting..he is the chief censor at red alert..

    ..he is their spondre..

    and as such..has to be the highest-paid blog-censor in the country.. four grand a week..?


    (‘holy waste of tax-payers money..!..batman..!’)


  6. and there is also that sense of gaining the changes wrought by those changes..

    and trying to tell everyone else about it..

    so they can also experience it..

    ’tis very liberating…

    to shed the addictions to eating bits of animals..

    and to know..that at least one level.. can do the best for yrself/animals/the planet..

    (and i have asked any of you to present the carnivores-defence..

    to present the arguments why you should keep on eating animals..

    ..especially the ‘green’ arguments.. responses are evident..)

    ..’cos all denial/protestations to one side..

    you know i am correct in what i say/argue..

    and y’know..!

    i’ve given up alcohol/tobacco/heroin/cocaine/meat/blood/fat/cheese etc..

    so i know the empowerment to be had from shedding addictions..


  7. “..why the advice to the Green MPs?..”

    because i keep hoping lights will come on in their minds/brains..?

    and that maybe those who advise them..will heed the messages..?

    maybe greens reading this blog might be stirred to think/change..?

    i dunno..!

    ‘cos i feel i have the qualifications to do it..?’s one of the few things i can do..…


  8. wow…!..a stunning alonquin-round-table-like rejoinder from rimu there..

    i reel back..mortally wounded..

    c’mon rimu..

    present the carnivores-defence..

    all you’ve done to date..

    is get petulant/sulky..and sneer..

    (i’d try harder if i were

    people will start to

    ..’new’..are you..?)


  9. Soooo….still nothing, on a political level. If you think nothing can be gained at that level, why the advice to the Green MPs? Perhaps you should be giving us regular suggestions for ‘survival’ on a personal and community level.
    That’d make good reading!

  10. btw..i don’t know which way key will go..

    he gained power by taking national back to the centre..

    (after the far-right excesses of brash..)

    now..that was either a cynical/cunning gain election/power

    or he could really be a centreist..

    and tho’ his snuggling up to/bowing to hide/act could indicate the ‘dry’ right in ascendancy/power in national..

    key knows that to become more than a one-term-prime minister..

    that he must hold that centre vote..

    so if only for that reason..he can’t let the running dogs of the right fully off their have their way/will..

    plus he has the smiling/smirking assasin..bill english..

    standind behind him..knife at the ready..

    and those external ‘outcomes’ wil be pressing in before the next election.. i say..i don’t know which way he will swing..

    and labour are just a joke..

    they seem to be in total denial at/over what an abysmal job..on almost every level..

    their nine years in power were..

    so..nothing yet..

    ..and..the greens..


  11. (i never saw this question..god i hate this disjointed comment thread schema..)

    on a personal level..?

    stopping eating animals/wearing animal a good start..

    on a poitical level..?

    i think that window of opportunity may have passed..

    and gripes about the current mp’s/leadership/record/carnivorous-ways to one side..

    that those outside influences/outcomes will force the hand of change..

    not us..

    (nb..that the poor countries will force much higher targets on us..than key/national are twittering on just one example,,

    (b.t.w..i would like us to reclaim that word..’twittering’…ok..?)

    and so any new zealand government will just have to fall into line..

    with whatever they decide..

    plus factor in that the country has its’ pants around its’ ankles..financially..

    ..and that every six months we have to go and beg for our debt to be rolled over..

    so this all means that we are really this stage..

    ..and our roles will step up after a period of further economic/environmental ‘outcomes’..

    ‘cos there will come a time..soon..when america will be impotent..(but armed to the teeth..which is spooky..)

    and it will be every country for itself..

    (which explains key cuddling up to aussie..

    ..we could well need each other..)

    but real change will not come about..until we are staring down those economic/environmental ‘outcomes’..

    and everyone will know that we have no choice..

    but to make radical changes..

    and that will take/require a sea-change..(probably literally as well..)

    that is when power will devolve a certain degree..

    and from this..a new culture/way of living will evolve..

    (that is my optimists-view..i’ll leave the pessimists’ one..for now..)

    and it will be a matter of handling those changes in the best/easiest way possible..

    to ease that transition as much as possible..

    i can’t see national doing/recognising..and acting on that..

    i can’t see (the current model of) labour stepping up either..

    nor the current model of the green party..

    so..i guess turning back to caring for self/those around you..

    is the most logical course of action..for now..

    which brings me/us back to the ‘animals’..



  12. and of can you go past the philosophies/messages…

    (found in a furry freak brothers comic..)


    .’remember !..kiddies..!..

    ..when you are smashing the state… always keep a smile on your face..

    ..and a song in your heart..!’


  13. and hey..!

    i smoke pot..i do yoga..

    i have three dogs around me ..that endlessly amuse me..

    my son and i crack up together over much..

    and i love finding funny stuff..

    here is a favorite from today

    and there is heaps more here..

    (that has over 2,000 entries archives..

    ..and ‘comics’..with 500+..

    is also a fun place to while away a day or so..)

    (just keep me away from preaching/carnivorous green m.p’s..)


  14. Toad – do you think Farrar will feature it? After all, he claims to fancy satire (though his own attempts at writing it are dismal).

    Dim-Post is gold (or should I say water; more precious than gold?)

  15. yes..and usually i can manage that..

    (in fact revel in/celebrate the humour/madness of the circus..)..

    but that dosen’t still/make irrelevant the questions asked/issues raised..

    but try as i may..

    ‘triggers’ do still work..

    and as i said..

    being preached to about plastic bags..

    by an animal-skin-wearing/animal-eating green mp..

    (with that enormous environmental footprint..)

    just causes a reflex-overload..

    (my bad..!..i know..!)


    ..i’ll plead the cause/effect defense..

    and as i have noted before..

    were i not not saying these things in this forum..

    ..the animals would have no voice/attention/concern here..



  16. So Phil… you recommend as Step One … Do Nothing.. have I read you right? (and unnlike Rimu, I find your comments a breeze to read).
    Do Nothing, I have to say, doesn’t excite me at all. I was looking for some powerful, applicable suggestions from you, given your passion and hours spent researching, historical comnnections to the Greens and your creative thinking processes, but..Do Nothing?
    I’m perplexed!

  17. Phil – that’s exactly what I was looking for!
    You read it, of course?

    I found these passages most edifying:

    .. the most successful activists we’ve known almost always have a sustaining sense of humor.

    very strong feelings are understandable and entirely justified. But I believe that our inability – individually and as a movement – to deal with our anger in a constructive manner is one of the greatest hindrances to the advancement of animal liberation.

    One suggestion is to always remember your ultimate goal. In my case, it is the alleviation of suffering. If I allow myself to be miserable because of the cruelty in the world, I am adding to the suffering in the world. More importantly, I am saying that unless utopia is instantaneously established, it is not possible to be happy. Thus, my goal is fundamentally unachievable

    Did you?

  18. phil’s attack started on Catherine solely and that’s what I responded to. If he wants to switch to a general rant about the Party, well that’s an easy switch isn’t it and everyone has a view. I’d just note that “lasting achievements” have never come over night for paradigm breaking political movements. But as phil claims to know better than Jeanette and others what to do and how to do it, he can fill us in what to do next. I’m looking forward to hearing about how to write a press release. Talk about a wast of time…

  19. i am almost at the point of feeling that outside forces will overcome any puny posturings on our part..

    we are fast running out of time..

    (and..’listed achievements’ one side)

    ..the last nine years have been wasted.. the party is controlled by an incrementalist mind-set..

    ..and dominated by two waves of activists..

    ..first came the socialists..(and i use that not as a perjorative term)..

    followed by the anti g.e people..

    (with most/both of the main..

    ‘sneerers’ at a vegan lifestyle..and admonitions to stop abusing/eating/wearing bits of..animals..)

    they are almost a lost any hope for real change..

    and so i am looking to those outside/global economic/environmental pressures/outcomes to pull us into line..

    like our record on child poverty/social evolution..

    we used to lead the world..

    ..and now..

    are so far past being ‘clean and green’.. be nothing more than a sick joke..

    ..i really see little coming from this crop of green mp’s..this generation..

    we will have a green party in the future that will be in the foreground of ‘cleaning-up’/change..(if they can..)

    but this will likely be my sons’ generation..(now aged14)..

    not this lot..

    on the evidence to date..

    they are a lost cause..

    in a multiple of ways..


  20. fly..what do i recommend..?

    where to start..?

    i just can’t get past the fact that these green mp’s..

    have been ‘greenies’ for some time..

    and so know full well of the environmental outcomes/suffering of animals .. around their eating of them..

    and have known this ..for years..?

    yet..none of them have changed..

    ..they have taken none of that on-board..

    they are still the animal-skin-wearing/animal eating environmental-barbarians..

    ..that they were nine years ago..

    ..there has been no that most imperative of personal developments..

    ..and once again..

    that is a metaphor for the green party as a whole..

    and can’t help but confirm that belief/feeling that many of the green mp’s are career politicians..

    and the green party is just the vehicle for their personal ambitions..

    and currently..

    am i the only one puzzled by the absence of the green party leadership from the environmental debate..?

    w.t.f. are they doing..?

    (and no..sending out a few (badly-written) press releases..

    and crying because the media won’t just print them verbatim..

    ..isn’t ‘enough’..



  21. National ‘adjusts’ the rules around clearfelling urban properties in Auckland.
    Tom Semmens writes (elsewhere..)

    # Tom Semmens
    September 4th, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Owen, you know as well I that these new rules are just Auckland’s property developers cashing their donation cheque to the National Party. That 200 year old Pohutukawa blocking a postage stamp view of the sea from a new McMansion sub-division? Down it goes. There is no real reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater unless you are rigging the rules to suit one small group whose record of environmental vandalism is second to none in this country.

  22. Phils comments here are valid and reflect the kinds of views also held by detractors of the party. They too cite the Greens pre-occupation with trifling issues (plastic bags, while a real issue, is viewed as trifling by most – it’s a dilemma – National wrestles with the economy while the Greens rant about supermarket bags etc…) As for the elephants Phil, do you know how the ‘pygmies’ of Africa brought down those gargantuan pachyderms? The technique involved a very sharp knife, some careful creeping-up-upon and hamstrings (8-year-old boy pours over ‘Boys Own’ BITD. I suspect Phil, you read the same story.)

  23. valis..

    cd u list for me the (lasting) achievements from nine years of green mp’s in parliament..?

    by almost every marker..

    we are worse off now than we were then..

    and yes..i agree catherine is ‘competent’ at what she does..

    (i mean..she has had enough

    and everyone gets to mouth off..

    and go home..sated to a small degree..

    and meanwhile..

    nothing changes/happens..

    ..and we start another groundhog day..


  24. Well phil needs hooks to hang his complaints on I guess. I expect a party managed by him would be in complete harmonious agreement given it would have but one member.

    As for Catherine, she is indeed a valued and sought after facilitator in the Green Party and for precisely the opposite reasons to what phil says – imagine that! Of course, Catherine has as strongly held views as anyone. Yet she is often asked to facilitate discussions/debates because she is effective at ensuring all sides of an issue are heard and at working towards consensus. I’ve been on the other side in several of these debates and I can only say that I’ve never felt disrespected in any way when Catherine has been involved, either as facilitator or as participant.

  25. The Greens haven’t run a two tick campaign since 1999. Because our confused population often think they’re showing effective support by splitting their vote the wrong way, i.e. by giving us their electorate rather than party vote, a key communication goal in any campaign is to ensure voters know we are ONLY interested in the party vote. Candidates who do better in the electorate vote, and there are very few, need to try harder to swap those numbers around the other way.

  26. “..Phil – I share your visceral aversion to the ‘brainstorm through a vivid marker on to sheets of newsprint’ experience (shudder writ large!) but just don’t get your inability to let it slide..”

    i hadn’t thought about it for years..

    (y’know..!..the natural inclination to supress bad memories..and all that..)..

    ..what revived it was a post she did saying she had ‘facilitated’..(now there’s a word to make you shudder..!)..a meeting of something or other..

    and i posted a throwaway line along the lines of ‘roll of paper/textors/’brainstorming’..

    then i sat and thought for a while..

    ..and realised that she probably did..

    ..and have been rifiing on the humour to be had from that..

    but there are serious undertones to all that..

    ..and they are multi-faceted..

    ..still on a lighter level..i feel that publicising this (unfortunate) tendency of delahunty to seize control of and dissapate the energies of large groups of people..using rolls of paper..and textors..

    is..if possible..something to avoid at all costs..

    ..and so the public service component of this is that punters have been warned..

    and they now know that should delahunty hove into view ..wielding rolls of paper..and bristling with textors..

    ..that they! for their lives..!

    but the really serious undertone..

    is that the time/energy wasting/dissapating to nothing of such exercises.. a metaphor for what i feel are the failings of the green date..

    ..the tendency to appear to be doing be enough..

    ..and to focus on fiddling around the edges..

    ..while the elephants in the room are studiously ignored..

    ..and this also explains my impatience at the preaching about plastic bags.. an ideal world..(and all that..)

    ..and yes..were/had the greens at any time in the last nine years mounted a serious/credible/evidence-riddled camapign against the evils of packaging..

    ..i’d be right there with them..

    ..but to have carnivorous ‘green’ mp’s..with environmental footprints the size of elephants..

    preaching to me about plastic bags..

    just makes the bile rise..

    and brings on the rage at the last nine ‘wasted’ years..


    (now..that’s environmental waste..!

    ..and worth campaigning about/against..

    and y’know..!

    ..’many a true word spoken in jest’..(and all that..)


  27. jh says:
    September 3, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    “the left are very ‘top-down’..bordering on control”

    the Green Party has quite a complex structure designed to encourage grass-roots decision-making and reduce concentration of power. People who were in the Green Party when it split from the Alliance have told me that the main motivation for splitting was because the Alliance was being re-made in a top-down decision-making model based on the NewLabour Party, and there was a desire to escape that.

  28. jh, you’re making it up.

    Sue Bradford joined the Green Party in early 1990, shortly after it was formed, although she wasn’t a particularly active member, preferring to focus on her community economic development work with NGOs. I know this because I joined the Green Party about the same time.

    However, Sue became disillusioned by the lack of effective party structure and decision-making processes in the Greens in their early days and by their subsequent decision to join the Alliance, and she had drifted away and let her membership lapse by late 1991 when the Greens decided to become part of the Alliance.

    She didn’t rejoin the Greens until 1998 – after their decision to leave the Alliance.

    So she was NEVER in the Alliance.

  29. jh says:
    September 4, 2009 at 8:16 am

    “I came. I saw. I went.”

    did you? Is that actually your account, not a quote from someone else?

  30. well when those phase transitions happen they usually happen quick. it was good that a few mammals and a couple of dinos got through 65,000 years ago or so. I’m reading a book called ubiquity at the mo and it is very interesting when considering stuff happening today, here – especially when the scale irrelevancy is considered (power laws etc)

  31. I came, I saw, I went I returned to haunt, criticise, undermine, complain, belittle… why, oh why, I asked myself, can’t I just let go!!

  32. Phil – I share your visceral aversion to the ‘brainstorm through a vivid marker on to sheets of newsprint’ experience (shudder writ large!) but just don’t get your inability to let it slide. I only hope Catherine hasn’t squirelled-away those scrawled sheets the way you have the memory of them. If I were her, I’d be posting them to you, one a week, til the end of time, just to keep you sparking!
    btw – those sheets, those pens.. is that where you began to experiment with the elipse? Or is it that you are embarassed by a record that shows that you once wrote in a conventional manner. It’s a day of mysteries!

  33. The plot thickens! Jh is an embittered ex-Green! Was he jilted to boot? Is this why Catherine features so large in his thinking? And Sue? There’s the makings of a mini-series here.

  34. jh – post the results from the time you stood as a candidate, so that we can applaud your popularity. Cheers.

  35. wot ‘sour grapes’..?..

    i’m chuckling..

    i think of catherine..roll of paper under arm..textors in a box..

    and ready to ‘go’..

    (and i swear one time i saw her stroking her box of textors..

    ..and saying something about ‘my precious’…to them..)

    it kinda defines

    people think of catherine..and they think..’roll of paper/textors/brainstorming’..

    but seriously..whaddayareckon happens/ed to all those sheets of paper..?


  36. Dunno Fly – I’ve got this Movie Script called ‘Dances With Wool’.
    Long as they’re dressed for it – I mean hell….we need to play a thrifty game and multi-task here…

  37. Slavery is on the Cards I reckin Michaela…..another 5,000 shipping containers – a captive workforce of @14,000 kiwi’s – this is, a National Government after all – but they’re paddling hard in the wrong direction to get re-elected…..keep the faith!

  38. well, yesterday’s manifesto – today’s fish wrap – the closer to power you get the more grabby people become (women tell me it’s seductive – the same ones who fell in love with my bank account) – it’s why you Commies will never succeed jh…..going to Green Meetings hey?
    But your Vote goes elsewhere? – none of my business – and it aint personal – but is something twisted here?

  39. Two Dinosaurs left Marty – the Alligator and a funny little thing that lives on a rain washed pearl – at the bottom of the world (a description borrowed from T.Finn – he won’t mind.).
    Called the Tuatara – it cain’t swim which is why many Scientists think NZ must be one of the oldest Land Masses above sea level – but I’m assured that our sharp geographical edges indicate youth – whereas I reckon centuries of wind have blown our spare soil away – leaving rocky crags – take your pick, but only my learning expains the Tuatara – kinda neat hey?

  40. I wasn’t around then, but have never heard otherwise. Certainly their consistently high list rankings from the very beginning would not have occurred without broad support. But don’t let that stop your myth making.

  41. i’d like to finsh with what i think is a telling anecdote…i was present when sue bradford and catherine delahunty made their first appearance at a green party meeting….
    this after both being hounded out of the alliance part of the alliance by jim anderton…it is at his feet they learnt their organisational ‘chops’..(and it shows..)..

    the left are very ‘top-down’..bordering on control

    the green party at that time was a very low-key affair..meetings held in the low-roofed attic of a bookshop on k’ road…
    at this meeting bradford said to me out of the corner of her mouth…(i had known her for some years)..that “this party is ripe for taking over..”..and she wasn’t wrong… 😯

    later in that same evening i approached the then leader of the auckland greens..(a lovely lady but lacking that political killer-will..)..and told her that “that woman over there is going to take your job”…
    this duely came to pass..

  42. do you like clustering..for brainstorms there..valis..?

    do you ever wonder if catherine has a big room somewhere..?

    with all the results of those brainstorms..?

    or d’ya reckon she just bins them..?

    i’m leaning to the


  43. those 341 are the green party members traumatised by being cornered by delahunty..with her roll of paper..and textors..

    ..and being forced to form groups..

    ..and ‘brainstorm’.. can never forget/forgive that experience..


  44. I like how you write phil and i like what you say.

    it is interesting to note that today we don’t have dinosaurs – they are extinct – i hope papatuanuku doesn’t shrug us all off just to get rid of abusers

  45. Seriously Phil, learn to write coherently if you want people to read your posts. You write how chav’s talk, and that’s reason enough not to myself and visit your site.

  46. you prefer the usual ‘silence’..on ‘what (i) have to say’..?

    ..if i’m not saying it..?

    y’know..!..the questions don’t go away..

    ..they just get more imperative by the day..


  47. Phil

    your habit of threadjacking and brow-beating is extremely counter-productive to getting anyone to listen to what you have to say.

  48. and..a happy

    btw..are you still a carnivore..catherine..?

    if so..why..?

    (should i pen you a little story..?

    about ‘blinkered-catherine’..?

    and about how her and her meat-eating friends/fellow-mp’s knew they were wrecking the planet..

    ..and causing pain/misery/torture/death to living/feeling creatures..

    ..but they just didn’t stop..

    ..and said..’look over there..!..plastic bags..!..stop them..!..bad people..!’

    (i can’t muster up/think of a happy

    (people with environmental footprints the size of elephants..

    preaching to us about platic

    ..’scuse me..!..i’ve got a f*cken irony-overload going on/down here..!)

    green m.p’s..!

    ..go heal thyselves..!


  49. It was very Wind and the Willows… That’s probably an awful analogy.
    @ Greenfly.. who would be which animal?

  50. Catherine – your post brings to mind the image of Green MPs dressed as animals. Please don’t do anything like it again.

  51. The Nacts want our ETS to be compatible with Australia’s, but our emissions profile differs too much from the Aussie one to allow this. Therefore, since they don’t want to shoot the cows, they’ll allow the miners to kill the kiwis, tuis, eels rimu, rata etc and bring our emissions profile into sync with Oz. It’ll also kill a lot of the tourist trade leaving us to live on just dairy thereby giving the Queen St farmers the whip hand over the rest of the population.

    This fits with their plans for Auckland which creates a captive power base for the Business Round Table (via the new mayor) and is in accord with Federated farmers expressed wish for us to forget about industrial diversifcation and concentrate on primary produce.

    Economic options for the general population will be so restricted that we might as well bring back slavery.

  52. I don’t feel at all sorry and will not until Gerry and his pals clean up all of the mess they left behind playing around the country. Let us see some of those new technologies applied to cleaning up the old tailings dumps and toxic wastes.

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