Test drive the new Tesla Model S

by frog

I confess, I haven’t owned a car in almost eight years. I was weaned from my V8 days decades ago, but my head has been turned by a simple four door sedan. It’s the Tesla Model S.


It’s electric. It’s cool. The Model S can make the sprint from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, crossing the quarter-mile stripe in 14 seconds flat. Give the Model S a longer track and it will top out at 120 mph. I’m old enough to know what that means.

I want one. Poor consumerist frog. Some tendencies are hard to break, even after years of abstinence.

The reality is, this is as close to a test drive as I’ll get in the next 5 years:

Electric cars are not going to magically replace their petrol brethren in time for the oil crunch that is coming in 2015 or the IEA’s prediction of peak oil in 2020, if it hasn’t happened already.

The shock to our cheap/subsidised transport dependent culture in the near future is going to be massive. But, just like cinema didn’t kill the radio and TV didn’t kill the cinema, cars we will always have with us. They will just return to being the luxury item they always really were. (That’s why we really don’t need any more roads, it’s enough to improve/maintain the ones we’ve got)

Still, I can look longingly through the showroom window as I did all those years ago, and dream of my fancy new wheels…

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