Govt has Biz Roundtable on speed dial for advice


During the Clark-Cullen years there was at least an attempt when setting up advisory boards and review panels to get a range of voices – not that the Clark-Cullen administrations would then necessarily utilise the advice given.

In 2000 for example the Labour-Alliance Government picked Rob McLeod – then just a member of the Business Roundtable – to head the Tax Review panel.

When the current Government needs some advice it is also likely that now Business Roundtable Chair Rob McLeod will be on hand to give it to them.

Should the Government need advice on Maori Economic development than Mr McLeod is ready to proffer his thoughts.

Should the Government want a spot of advice on tax reform then once again Mr McLeod will be on hand to provide it.

Need a hand to sort out New Zealand’s infrastructure needs – who you gonna call?  Yep you guessed it the ubiquitous Mr McLeod.

Also ready to proffer his knowledge on how to equip New Zealand’s Defence Forces in a post 9/11 insurgent combat kind of way will be… Rob McLeod!

Of course it is hoped all these new appointments don’t interfere with the previous Labour Govt’s Capital Market Development Taskforce where a certain Rob McLeod’s advice was sought.

No doubt the PM and his Deputy have Rob’s number on speed dial should they need any other advice on say…welfare, health policy etc.

Of course if Rob is too busy sorting out the needs of the Knights of the Biz Roundtable then Business Roundtable affiliated economist Bryce Wilkinson could be ready for a few more appointments.  Mr Wilkinson is so far on only a paltry two advisory boards.

Mr Wilkinson will be jumping in to assist us catch up with Australia in the 2025 Taskforce by say “finishing the job” Roger Douglas started in the 1980s.  And should NZ need some red tape slashed then Mr Wilkinson has been appointed to Rodney Hide’s Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce

Of course Mr Wilkinson’s views on regulatory responsibility are likely to be fairly similar to Mr Hide’s.  Rodney Hide’s Regulatory Responsibility Bill was directly inspired by a report by Mr Wilkinson for … the Business Roundtable!

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  1. Frog: I am very slow this evening, I now get it!!! I know what Alex and his droogs have in common with the Business Round.

    THEY ARE ALL ROGUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Frog:I like the Clockwork Orange logo above I am not too sure how the BRT relates to Alex and his droogs.

    Why the h#ll do we vote these wimps in? Cant they think for themselves? And above all can’t they remember their election promises?

    And what we all need to ask ourselves is; does the Business Round Table represent the majority?

    That blog from the Standard was very good, but I still feel that there is not enough emphisis on how dangerous these people really are.

    From 1987 to 1999 the BRT along with National?ACT have effectively destroyed most of the rights that the unions have won for workers since the 1930’s!!!

    THE BRT ARE EXTREMISTS OF THE VERY FAR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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