Verde que te quiero verde. Should Marina stand for President?

The pressure is coming on in Brazil for the former environment minister, Marina Silva, to stand as the Green Party candidate for President of Brazil.

It’s a wonderful debate, with some coming out with unconditional support and others more guarded, worrying about her Christian beliefs.  All signs point towards a political shift in Brazil if she stands.

The choices thus far lay among an old fashioned and tough Rousseff, blessed by Lula; an intelligent and diplomatic Serra, supported by Fernando Henrique; and a bright green active Silva, with the Green Party.

Brazil represents immense natural wealth – both extrinsic and intrinsic. It is estimated that 13% of the world’s fresh water is in Brazil, and than there is the Amazon.

Worth protecting? Worth fighting for? I think so.

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  1. Brazil badly needs a Green voice, with the vast depletion of the Amazon forrest and environs and of course the slums, povety and inequality in the cities.

    I wish Marina all the best .

    I hope Brazil goes the way of Venezuella.

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