John Key versus Graham Henry

by frog

Picture this: It is one week out from the great All Black Wallaby clash. The ABs have just purchased brand new uniforms, the selectors have brought in a few new players, and the management team have just christened their shiny new office. Graham Henry fronts up to the cameras and says:

Well, we actually think the game is going to be really tough. We have looked over the Katikati RFC playbook and we reckon we’re  going to try our best and get 10 or 20 points on the board, but it’s going to be really hard.

That 10 or 20 points is conditional, don’t you know, on whether Dan Carter plays, whether the pitch has been mowed properly and whether or not the fans are polite on the night. If those conditions are met, I think we’ll be able to get 10 or 20 points on the board.

Our circumstances are unique and we think that the Aussies will recongnise that and take it into consideration when we square off in Wellington this weekend.

Can you imagine Graham Henry saying that at a press conference? This is precisely what John Key did yesterday at the post cab. He let his junior coaches spin the yarn, but the message was clear. We aren’t even going to try, and we hope that the others will play nice on the night.

How is it that Nick Smith can spend upwards of a million dollars refurbishing the Ministry for the Environment’s offices and reshuffling bureaucrats, but he can’t do a simple bottom up analysis of how New Zealand could lower its greenhouse emissions?

If Henry fronted up like this he would be fired in a minute. Too bloody hard? Get real! If Henry fronted up and said he hadn’t really done any of the homework, but he thought the ABs might still manage if the conditions were right, we’d fire him. So. John Key. Where the bloody hell are you?  If we can do it, why can’t you?

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