John Key shirks responsibility

by frog

Well, the news is out. A 10-20% target, with so many conditions as to be meaningless. Minister Groser even confirmed during the post-cab that the 10% was in no way unconditional. Cabinet would revisit the whole thing anyway.

So there we have it. The National Government failing to take responsibility for our share of the mess. Such a small share, but ours to bear nonetheless.

The feeble details can be found at the MfE website.

Nick Smith practically admitted that the government hasn’t even done a bottom up analysis of what each sector could manage in the way of emissions reductions. This is a sad abdication of responsibility and of leadership. We deserve better.

I think this Scoop image says it all!

Well, with our limited resources we have done the government’s work for them. The punters have praised it, saying NZ must do better.

We certainly have set ourselves up to fail with this one!

frog says

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