Can we do 40? Yes we can.

by frog

Today the Greens produced a report showing that significant emission reductions can be made by 2020 to meet the bulk of a 40% target. This involves 36.2 million tonnes of reductions that would meet a 20% domestic reduction, much of it at little or no cost and with significant employment and environmental benefits. A further 11.8Mt purchased from overseas would hit a 40% 2020 target.


The bottom line being that significant domestic reductions ARE feasible, and a responsible 30-40% target is possible, affordable and responsible. The government has not presented any evidence themselves on what reductions are possible domestically, instead relying on costing based soley on purchases – and their misuse of evidence has been exposed. Their bubble that a responsible target is too hard and too costly has been burst. Their lack of leadership in challenging advocates of responsible targets to say how it can be done has been shown up. The Greens have shown how it can be done; something the government has been too lazy to do. The full report and media release are here.


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