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Some great listening and viewing this morning on NZ environmental issues. Podcasts and on-demand TV means those who slept in haven’t missed out – so enjoy.

RadioNZ’s Insight doco at 8am was on carbon offsetting. Reporter Ian Telfer narrated a well-rounded look at the benefits and risks inherent in the largely-unregulated voluntary carbon market. Includes Jeanette Fitzsimons. Podcast here.

On TVNZ’s 9am Q&A show, Guyon Espiner interviewed Minister Smith on climate change targets. The show’s panel was well-informed – made up of  former Minister Simon Upton, political scientist Terese Arseneau and our own Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Frog will look in a later post at the new NZIER/Infometrics economic analysis of the ‘cost’ of a 40%announced by the Minister, but it seems to again ignore the economic benefits and opportunities of moving to a low-carbon economy, the long-term threat of climate change to the whole economy, and the threat to NZ’s premium brand if we don’t set a responsible 2020 target. Jeanette noted that the Government has yet to do an assessment of what NZ’s emissions reduction options are possible and their costs and benefits, so the economic analyses rolled out are just straw-men to make it all seem too hard. A bit like the All Blacks deciding to play for a draw just cause the Spingboks forward pack weighs more than theirs.

The Minister also pointed to the importance of supporting low-carbon technology transfer to developing countries, but seems reluctant to recognise that a responsible 2020 target would allow NZ to facilitate that through assisted emissions reductions offshore. Story and video here.

Last, RadioNZ’s Sunday Group panel on “Irrigating the Mackenzie Country” [not online yet, but will be here] held an informative debate about the impacts of massive irrigation in this iconic dryland landscape, including the threats to tourism, water quality, and biodiversity. Recommended listening.

So much good stuff, I might need a Sunday nap!

The Green MPs personally pay to offset their flights through carboNZero, choosing native forest regeneration projects like the Hinewai Reserve on Banks Peninsula as preferred use of the credits. Photo credit – EBEX21.

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