Food Price Hikes: Less Lunch To Munch

by frog


Much like a monkey aboard a 1960s Space Rocket it appears food prices don’t want to come back down to earth either.  A brand of chocolate that is now banned at Auckland Zoo seems to be partly responsible. Apparently the increase in Grocery Sub Group One was driven by a price increase for chocolate that was ‘influenced by a decrease in the size of some chocolate blocks’.

Alarmingly one of my favourite characters from the Munch Bunch Tom Tomato has also skyrocketed in price. Lettuce is up too but this vegetable was too unhip to have a dedicated Munch Bunch character so doesn’t have a snazzy cartoon persona.

But it’s not all slightly bad news – it’s actually even worse news when one realises that apparently recessions love fast food global mega burger corp.  Of course none of the above food price rises for veges coupled with a potential boom in fast food will help our obesity problem.

Also not helping is the government decision to allow any old rubbish back into our schools by getting rid of the healthy food guidelines.  In keeping with modern times how soon will it be before the nation’s youth are dosing up on some cocaine and downing a few demons before hitting their enviro-schools study – oh hang on the funding to that’s gone

Anyway you can save the kids from the threat of demons and cocaine by signing Sue K’s petition to keep schools a healthy place for kids and food – while there’s still time!

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