Calling names isn’t nice, especially when you’re wrong.

by frog

I previously blogged about last night’s climate change target meeting in Wellington, where amongst other failings, Nick Smith, accused the Green Party of only caring about the environment and having no regard for the impact on the economy.

In the spirit of economic literacy, I wanted to remind our readers of these words from a recent Australian Treasury report into the economics of climate change:

The Treasury’s modelling demonstrates that early global action is less expensive than later action; that a market-based approach allows robust economic growth into the future even as emissions fall; and that many of Australia’s industries will maintain or improve their competitiveness under an international agreement to combat climate change. “

Australia and the world continue to prosper while making the emission cuts required to reduce the risks of dangerous climate change. Even ambitious goals have limited impact on national and global economic growth.

So please, when you hear the National-Act Government talk about “balancing” the economy with the environment, remember that “balancing” is Newspeak for “doing whatever the industrial polluters and intensive dairying lobby want”.

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