Green Day, live at Parliament!

by frog

No bands sorry, but plenty of parties and tickets are free!

The parliamentary Order Paper for today, Member’s day, looks like this:


Yes, that’s right, all the bills to be debated today are Green bills! It’s Green Day at Parliament.

The Sustainable Biofuel Bill has the support of the National Party to select committee [newsflash!], and is the one recently drawn from the ballot. There’s a vlog about it here. It will require development and adherence to a sustainability standard for all biofuel, local or imported.

The Climate Change (Transport Funding) Bill is one of the 2006 six-pack of bills launched in response to the dire lack of action from government to address New Zealand’s growing emissions, and it is still needed to complement a price on carbon. It will gradually alter transport funding priorities to support greater travel demand management and infrastructure and services supporting buses, trains, walking and cycling.

The Liquor Advertising (Television and Radio) Bill was drawn from the ballot in Nandor’s name.  It seeks to protect children and young people from the problems associated with pervasive alcohol advertising by regulating the marketing, advertising and promotion of alcohol products through the broadcast media.

The Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill simply amends the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 so that cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes. Ross Bell of the NZ Drug Foundation writes in the Dominion Post today in support of the bill. Metiria blogged it last week.

These last two bills will be an MP (i.e. conscience) vote, so MPs are not required to vote along party lines. You’ve got a few hours to give your local MP a call and encourge them to support the bills! Just email

And since some poor fans of Green Day may have read this far hoping they are playing at Parliament,  here’s a nice song by Green Day and U2 for your troubles. Disclaimer: I do not endorse the militarism inherent in this video, or any implication that the Greens are Saints! ;)

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