Scotland agrees world’s toughest 2020 climate goal

by frog

Reuters reports that Scotland has pushed Germany into second place with the world’s most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target:

Scottish lawmakers Wednesday backed a binding goal to cut greenhouse gases by 42 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels, edging Germany into second place in a ranking of the most ambitious developed world targets.

“At least one nation is prepared to aim for climate legislation that follows the science,” said Kim Carstensen, head of the Global Climate Initiative of the WWF International environmental group.

Britain formally adopted in April a legally-binding target to curb greenhouse gases by 34 percent.

Germany plans to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent compared with 1990 levels.

42% by 2020 is awesome, and simply reflects what the science tells us we in the industrialised world need to do. This includes New Zealand. Could Nick Smith be so bold in his commitment, given that it is the only scientifically credible choice, when he does his whirlwind consultation tour of Aotearoa over the next three weeks? Possibly.

Would his Cabinet colleages back him if he had the courage? Doubt it. Consider getting along to one of these meetings and let the Nats know that only a credible, science based target will do, and that they need to front with the courage to do what’s right rather than what’s politically expedient.

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