Consultation: clayton’s or genuine?

by frog

The Government chose the Forest and Bird AGM to tonight announce there will be a quick-fire round of public consulation in July on what 2020 climate change target New Zealand should choose. They plan to announce the target in August.

Will it be a clayton’s consultation, or is it genuine? How will they weigh public opinion with industry clamouring? How will they present the scientific imperative to the public – i.e. that scientists are united on the need for a 30%+ reduction target, despite the challenge it entails.

Expect some fudging of agricultural emissions. Government comments have deflected attention from agriculture on the basis that the rise in electricity emissions has been greater. But electricity is a sub-sector of energy; and I would be interested to know how its rise compares to the rise in the main agricultural sub-sector, dairy… Anyone know?

The announcement is here, and the public meeting schedule is:

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