Procurement: which costs are saved?

by frog

The Government has just announced it is to review and reform state sector procurement.

The Government Procurement Reform Agenda is based around four key themes:
·         Cost savings.
·         Building procurement capability and capacity.
·         Enhanced business participation.
·         Improved governance, oversight and accountability.

Cost savings:  just to the Government’s expenditure or also saving costs to our natural capital? After all, sustainable procurement means buying stuff that will last longer, save on energy and resource-use, reduce our emissions, and reduce pollution. These all save New Zealand money, even if this capital and cost-savings are not measured in Treasury’s budget.

The current Government Procurement Framework includes:

requiring sustainably produced goods and services wherever possible, having regard to economic, environmental and social impacts over their life cycle.

Given sustainability is not mentioned in the Reform Agenda, will this requirement be retained, or will it be another polar bear blood-bath?

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