It ended miserabLee….again

 More self-inflicted wounds for National’s Mt Albert candidate Melissa Lee yesterday when an attempt at humour went wrong.

 She had to explain that a suggestion to shoot the media was not hers – it was someone else answering email on her behalf (really, your honour, I wasn’t there).

Fortunately, a lamington stole the spotlight, but here’s the kicker:

 The end of the debate didn’t end Ms Lee’s problems. She left the venue to find her car clamped in the carpark.

 Her campaign might be looking for a couple more clamps before the wheels come off entirely.

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  1. Watch out sue’s child protection bill. Nats setting up for end-run to keep their rightychristian mates happy. Think american football. The runner goes behind the blockers, they push the blockers in front of them. Isn’t bennett pushing rankin in front of her or is it key pushin rankin? He certainly seems to be standing closer to rankin than lee – wonder why?

  2. Love it greenfly. You’re on form today.

    I liked this comment over at Kiwiblog too.

    Christine Rankin attracts controversy and trouble like a cow attracts flies. Both cows and Christine do it by spreading a lot of sh*t about.


  3. Toad

    Rankin is popular with the people out here in the real world, I really cannot see why you people are so determined to destroy her.

    She represents those of us (the vast majority) who want less intervention in our lives from the likes of you and the Green party.

  4. Fancy Miss Lee having outstanding fines which caused her car to be clamped …..

    Does this mp not respect our laws ????????

    She sounds a little bit criminal

    …….. And what a great decoy trick

    Distract everyone by Showing just how useless and whacky a serving member of the natianal govt is ………….

    The sad thing is ………………. she’s probably one of their better ones

  5. toad,

    The National masterplan of having decoy runners is working a treat. Aided and abetted (sp?) by Labour.

    Tommorrows front page will be about Rankin and did she or did she not have an affair.

    Th Greens are not making any headway at all, if anything have gone backwards with the harbour bridge crossing, while the Maori party gets kudos for running a very successful hikoi.

    A better decoy runners script with Lee and Rankin could not have been scripted, even in hollywood.

    Wonder if those masterminds behind the decoy runners would visit the Warriors and put a bit of nouse (sp?) into the players and coaches.

  6. >>supercity hikoi to page 3 is absolutely disgraceful

    Perhaps the Herald reporters weren’t in McDonalds….

  7. I agree Mark & Jamie. No reason not to have a bit of fun though, but there is a real worry that Melissa Lee’s ineptitude is dominating media coverage in the Mt Albert byelection and real issues like the supercity and the Waterview motorway are not getting the attention they deserve.

    That the NZ Herald relegated Monday’s supercity hikoi to page 3 is absolutely disgraceful.

  8. It’s all a joke Toady – a diversion from the real news which we also fund.
    London/Auckland Bridge is falling down…
    Fave quote today is a little tart… pun there….

    “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand” : Bodie Thoene

  9. John Boscawen was interviewed while he still had the lamington on his head:

    Interviewer: What the hell is that on your head?

    Lamington: Well, you’ll never believe me, but it started out as a wart on my arse.

  10. would attack with a lamington be a safety threat for someone with a serious gluten intolerance?

  11. look fwogs I hardly want I tell you this, but we are in trouble:
    worser than Ms Lee and Ms Rankin
    what make PM Key look not so good is this bloody Super City thing,
    it not good,
    but here your chance fwog, Labour got it in the bag,
    people got nothing to do but vote for Green now if they smart,
    so I revise my estimates
    you don’t win Mt Albert of course but with luck it could be your highest poll ever,

  12. All frogs are endangered.
    Predicto squeezes out another of his self-serving ‘visions’ which lands in the Frogblog like a snowflake on a hot-plate.

  13. >>If Russel wins, it’ll be ‘by enough’ and it will surely be seen as a win

    He won’t win.

  14. If Russel wins, it’ll be ‘by enough’ and it will surely be seen as a win!

    Lee is spoiling her own chances in a dozen flustered ways (though the wheel-clamper-guy must take some responsibility :-), just as Boscawen owes a vote of no-thanks to the cake-delivery-man. Perhaps they will both blame ‘the blue collar guys’ for their poor results.

  15. Whilst not wanting to be too paranoid – do you not think that the m lee show is really just a bit too much? Do we really believe that she is as idiotic as she is appearing or is she taking the bunt (as in softball), it all seems a bit too staged now, every day a muckup, every utterance an insult. Are the left getting complacent? What are they trying to distract us from? Is m lee taking one for the team? After all she is a list mp, so she loses nothing. Do nat really care about this by-election or are they just pretending? How much face are they really going to lose when they lose – not much i would say – everyone, including their candidate have already said that they will lose. So if their candidate gets a few votes – that will be spun as a win – won’t it? And whoever wins will never win by enough – so that will be seen as a loss, even though they won. Anyway, probably just paranoid…

  16. It is sad to see that the Greens think that a candidate being assaulted is funny.

    Wonder what would happen if somebody did the same to Mad Cath or Bradford.

  17. Frog, we mustn’t laugh. Politics is serious as Big Bro (a seriously serious guy) points out and flippancy is not to be encouraged. Personally, I am trying to forget the sight of Mr Boscawen with his pudding on his head – wipe it from my memory and with it the image of Melissa Lee, stamping her wee foot at discovering that she’d been ‘given the clamp’. Those of you who are sniggering, stop right now! Bro doesn’t like it!

  18. In your PC world Frog this might rate a mention, in the real world nobody cares.

    You really are a deluded chap/shelia, thankfully not everybody is so hamstrung by the disease that is political correctness.

    Get out a bit more, mix with ordinary Kiwi’s, find out what they really want, it does you no good to constantly talk among yourselves as you do not get a real idea of what is actually happening out here.

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