Russel Norman

A walk across a bridge

by Russel Norman

They say that revolutions start with small actions. Today the people of Auckland started a transport revolution by walking over a bridge.

They refused to be intimidated by the NZ Transport Agency and walked and rode across their iconic bridge on its 50th birthday.

It was small thing – 10,000 men women and children strode and rode over a bridge on a beautiful fine day.

But what a day. I am still alive with the feeling of it. So many smiling cyclists, pedestrians, kids. Everyday New Zealanders who said enough is enough. The bridge belongs to the people not the NZTA and for a little while they took it back.

We need a revolution in transport in Auckland. We need to move into walking, cycling and rapid mass transport. We’ve had enough investment in cars and oil and construction companies.

We’ve had fifty years of brain-dead transport policy. It hasn’t worked. Let’s try an alternative approach.

Published in Environment & Resource Management by Russel Norman on Sun, May 24th, 2009   

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