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  1. Ah well, greenfly,
    ‘some of us are in the gutter, some of us are looking at the stars’ – d4j just can’t get his backbone to rotate into the better view.

    Public Address has been doing a few goodies lately – I’d recommend checking in regularly!

    As for ‘most educated’, well of the people I know on the local branch and provincial committees (let alone National office-holders), I’d be hard-pushed to name anyone without a tertiary qualification, and there’s a lot of PhD’s in the mix, covering a wide range of policy areas.
    Even the young Greens punch above their weight, with some top scholars amongst our under-18’s.
    Prolly why I stay connected – can always guarantee an intelligent conversation on any topic!

  2. That’s good Russel. A little pale at the start, but built well. Your apology over the Shearer comments: ” Totally my mistake, not the media misrepresenting me ” was spot on, and your ” It’s just strutting ” on ‘three strikes and you’re out’ is a great call. Interesting about Wellington Central and the 21% green support there and the demographic of most educated etc. “The more educated you are, the more likely you are to vote Green ” will have our detractors here in a knot of uneducated fury 🙂

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