The summer of ’69 is still with us

by frog

1969 – the year the PLO appointed Yasser Arafat leader; Vietnam protests were raging; Yoko and John were bedding-in again; Apollo 11 lands on the moon; Woodstock opened; the Beatles released Abbey Road; two computers were first networked; and capital punishment was abolished in the UK.

The same year, an article by G R Fish* of the Fisheries Research Department, Marine Department, Rotorua was published showing that pollution in Lake Rotorua was worsening and that agricultural development was the most important cause.

We ignored it. 40 years later, and we’re now spending $9 million a year to try and fix the water quality in Lake Rotorua alone.

Imagine the future cost to the country if we keep waiting until lakes and streams collapse before acting. Classic ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff really. Time for action!

* Yes that is not a joke, he really is Dr Fish. Full report here.

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