Melissing the point

by frog

A lot has been said already about Melissa Lee’s comment that the motorway would keep South Auckland criminals out of Mt Albert.

While she did eventually apologise, I was surprised to hear her comment when she was pressed on the issue by Auckland University students yesterday.

“You guys are students so you obviously don’t watch television, I’ve actually apologised”.

While I don’t consider not watching TV to be much of an insult, it was hardly a gracious acknowledgement of her mistake. The clip is here.

I am straining to hear that tone of humility that one normally associates with apologies.

I got the same impression when I watched her explain why she wasn’t showing up to debate the “Supercity” with the other Mt Albert Candidates.

“I’ve got plans”.

Maybe I’m hard of hearing or maybe Ms Lee is tone deaf.

frog says

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