I want to be in a sow crate with Sue!

by frog

As if it isn’t enough that every politician and his dog is suddenly welling up over our nation’s tortured pigs, last night on Back Benches Peter Dunne claimed to have been in a sow crate with Sue Kedgley. Now, you can’t criticise the man’s taste, but I’m afraid that this is wishful thinking. Sue says she and Peter never shared a sow crate. She says there simply isn’t room in a sow crate for two people. Sue thinks Peter may have confused sow crates with hen cages. I guess that could happen to anyone.

Sue has been in a mock hen cage with a range of MPs, including Peter Dunne and Stephen Franks.

Also on Back Benches, Labour MP Grant Robertson talked about needing to farm humanely and sustainably. Good on him! We agree, but sadly that didn’t happen during the 9 years of a Labour Government. The Labour Government supported sow crates and battery hen cages, and refused to phase them out, even though both codes were reviewed under their watch.

I think that it’s not enough to say you’ve been in a sow crate with Sue – it’s time for every MP to call on the Government to take action to phase out sow crates. Torturing animals is not okay.

Sue has asked the Pork Industry Board if she can take a cross party group of MPs to look at an intensive pig farm that uses sow crates. She hopes lots of MPs will want to join the tour.

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