When Greens Turn Red

Ever found yourself standing at a protest holding a sign saying “Just Say No to Structural Adjustment”? My friend Anna did and her experience inspired this show: moments in politics when Greens turn red. I asked all of the Green MPs to describe their most embarrassing moment in politics. (You’ll never be able to say again that the Greens take themselves too seriously.)

When Greens Turn Red (MP3 and OGG)

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4 thoughts on “When Greens Turn Red

  1. Is this some kind of…reverse dog-whistle to the ‘Greens is watermelons!’ crowd?

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  2. Given the admissions of illegal acts that the tape contains, I think you might want to remove this thread, and the original audio file, before someone sends it to the police for action.
    Don’t you Frog?

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  3. Oh, Strings, how very sweet of you to care …

    Lol, Frog, I bet they could put together an even worse one, you’ve relied on self-reporting ;-)

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