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  1. Priceless – you look good against the old red hoardings, esp with the rosette!

    I’m sure it’s a ‘doer-upper’, but I s’pose it can be made cosy, given time. 😉

  2. Advocate for this Russel:

    Auckland Metro dream revealed
    Last updated 14:34 18/05/2009
    By MICHAEL FIELD – Stuff.co.nz Last updated 14:34 18/05/2009

    A vision of a dramatic rail and underground metro service for Auckland has made it onto an official agenda to be debated by authorities this week.

    The Auckland Regional Council’s transport committee will on Wednesday considered strategic options and developments for the city out to 2041.

    The agenda carries options for public transport – including what amounts to a metro service across what will then by Super Auckland.

    International engineering consultants Parson Brinkerfoff have come up with what the agenda papers call a “radical network” across the city.

    Three new suggestions for a metro are included in the agenda.

    The first is a metro line, above ground and capable of taking heavy trains, from Manukau City to Botany Downs. It would loop up to Panmure to Remuera Road and into the Auckland central business district (CBD). It would then carry on out west to Point Chevalier and Unitec.

    Perhaps the most radical of the suggestions is a Metro from Massey University in Albany though to the CBD then up to Auckland University and down Dominion Road to Mt Roskill.

    The third leg would be a rail line from the CBD to Onehunga and on out to the International Airport at Mangere and reaching Puhinui.

    The ARC committee will consider next the cost effectiveness of the proposed network.

    The documents give no costing of the proposed network, but the committee, if it agrees, will then carry out work to develop indicative costings.

  3. I’d say the problem with the photo is just light frog, would be extremely unusual to get that kind of air pollution in Mt Albert as far as I know.

  4. (quote:)So I hope Russel gets all the disaffected Labour supporters because the Green Party is far closer to the ideals that the Labour Party was founded on than the current party with that name.(quote)

    I would not argue with that statement. You old rat you.

  5. I have been reading the news around the Mt Albert elections, and it seems many Labour Party members are dissatisfied because of Goff arrogantly dismissing the candidate the local Labour Party branch wanted and bringing in his own favorite. It demonstrates something that is widespread among the Labour Party hierarchy, a contempt for its own grass roots support.

    I saw this during the 2005 election campaign when I met a lot of grass roots Labour supporters and realised they were really not that different from the Greens. I saw it again when the environmental branch of the Labour party (similar to the National Blue-Greens, only more similar to Green Party values) asked the Labour led government and the Labour minister of Agriculture to ban battery hen cages, and the minister patronised them and got the Ministry of Agriculture to quote bad science at them to justify the status quo.

    I saw it working for the ministry for the environment when a branch of the Labour Party wrote to the Minister stating its policy of continuing with the GM moratorium. Again the Minister arrogantly dismissed this.

    So I hope Russel gets all the disaffected Labour supporters because the Green Party is far closer to the ideals that the Labour Party was founded on than the current party with that name.

  6. Good One Rusty! ; get the Communista sighns down and splash some green around there baby!
    We comin down soon as Manny steals a car…

    be grrreen in their own scene
    be a fly, in invisible sky
    a boo, wolf in sheeps clo’

    or a frog beware, it’s too deep
    you stare, into the bog

    and know, that you’ll rise above in honeyed air
    and life becomes, what once was sacred
    Lay at your feet, Fair thee….it’s the heart that comes,
    takes you nowhere.

    do I hear a Saturday Night somewhere near? Good enough fer this Kiwi – goodnight all youse K-euros, k-maori,sific, wheaeva you paddled f’m soon, that’s ok with us….i’m lookin for
    a pure blood New Zealander

  7. I thought we were shedding the perception that we are propping up the Labour Party!
    Good to see you wearing your Green rosette Russel 🙂

  8. heh..!

    (national voters giving up on lee..and voting tactically for russel..?

    ..to stop shearer..?..mmm!!!..)

    ..the anti-motorway movement coalescing around/voting for russel..?..)

    ..’thinking’ labour voters realising that labour need the greens as a coalition partner..

    ..and so voting tactically to help achieve/solidify this..?..

    ..and it all adding up to a victory..?

    dare to dream..!

    (it’s all going well so far..)


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