I’ll ask again: Should Sam resign?

by frog

Way back in November of last year, I asked; should Sam resign? Those were heady days for the National Party, and in all seriousness I asked if new MP Sam Lotu-liga could handle the workload of being both a City Councillor and an MP.

An article in The Aucklander this week finally provides the answer:

Auckland’s missing-in-action politician is defending his poor attendance record at school, business association and city
council meetings.

Sam Lotu-Iiga draws $200,000 a year as MP for Maungakiekie and ward councillor for the same area with Auckland City Council.

The Aucklander reported on April 9 that Mr Lotu-Iiga had missed 12 of 22 council meetings since he began campaigning as National’s candidate for Parliament in September last year.

I said then that I would be open minded about it, as there is precedent for holding two such jobs. It is now clear that my fears were realised. He can’t do both jobs justice. Being an MP is really hard work, particularly for a back bencher who has a brain, which Sam certainly does.

As I write, Sam’s party is stripping all the Auckland Local Councils of all of their powers, so the point is almost moot. I just wanted to say “I told you so” because by tomorrow, it will be really easy for Sam to do both jobs.

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