Greens don suits, and gumboots

by frog

Today the Green Co-leaders launched our Green New Deal stimulus package to “to save the economy and the environment at the same time”. Launching it, Jeanette said:

We’re engaging on economic issues on a new scale.

The Greens’ package is costed with the best available published figures, and clearly specifies the benefits of each initiative to jobs and to economic development. Green MPs will hold public meetings around the country to get feedback and listen for more new ideas where the Government can invest in both the economy and environment with the same dollar.

We’re talking to New Zealanders ahead of the Budget about how this approach works and what it might look like in Aotearoa, so they can compare it to the Government’s plans.

The proposed package covers: energy efficiency, transport efficiency, protecting waterways, building more homes and community sector initiatives.

Energy efficiency is an area covered by the Greens-National MOU, and the budget will reveal what the Greens and the Government have agreed to go ahead and implement already. The other areas of the package are ideas we hope the Government will pick up too. Forestry was mentioned at the launch as an area still being developed but requiring more consultation with industry.

Russel spoke about Government investment in good old gumboot work: proposals that “would see fencing and planting projects around New Zealand to provide jobs and support rural businesses such as fencing suppliers and plant nurseries.”

I think it’s awesome that the Greens have jumped in suits, gumboots and all into the arena of economics, and come up with great ideas that have obviously been thought-through in detail.

The full package is here, and a set of four speeches outlining the background to Green Economics and Green New Deal investment is here.

frog says