One more down, a few thou to go

by frog

ERMA today followed the EU, US and Canada and revoked approvals for the herbicide methylarsinic acid (MSMA) in New Zealand. Good.

MSMA is an arsenic-based, persistent agrichemical used to control paspalum and kikuyu in fine turf. It has the potential to accumulate in the environment and to impact on human health….

Addition: Sue Kedgley tells me that she was one of the submitters. Good stuff Sue! She says that it comes hard on the heels of last year’s revocation of endosulfan. Do these suggest that ERMA is entering a new era of acutally doing it’s job?

Meanwhile, the UN is also taking steps to promote the elimination of poisonous chemicals at a major inter-governmental conference in Geneva.

The conference will break new ground in considering nine new chemicals for listing by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). They include substances which are widely used commercially, including as pesticides and flame retardants.

Until now, the Convention has targeted 12 hazardous pesticides and industrial chemicals known as the “dirty dozen,” which are linked with damage to human health, from cancer and reproductive disorders to the disruption of infant and child development.

So, one more down in NZ; but a few thou to go to achieve the Greens’ aim of keeping us safe from persistent, accumulative and highly toxic chemicals.

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