Greens riskily agree with the Feds

Federated Farmers’ press release just now – Move over shark wranglers, farming’s far riskier – is something the Greens can agree with. Farm related fatalities  have grown over the past five years to 20 and that is too many. The Feds also acknowledge the economic loss of farm accidents, citing “ACC statistics show that a ‘moderate’ accident causes some $4000 in lost production each week”. We agree that “Good risk management is good for business”, and their solution of providing risk management workshops sounds great.

However, this frog would also politely suggest that some farmers and industry reps could do with a bit more workshopping in environmental management too, another aspect of farm livelihood. With a simple interchange of words (risk for environment), Fed’s spokesman Frank Brenmuhl’s final para could be reused in another release this frog would welcome:

Good environmental management is good for business. That’s why agricultural employers and employees should attend a seminar for the good of themselves, their workers and their businesses. Because when you’re farming, it literally pays to be proactive when it comes to managing the environment,” Mr Brenmuhl concluded.

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