Gareth Morgan: The science is irrefutable

by frog

Nobody wants to hear it from the Greens. Perhaps they will listen to Gareth Morgan, one of New Zealand’s more successful economists. Gareth got fed up with all the noise surrounding global warming, so he decided to hire the best scientific guns he could find on both sides of the so-called debate. Sceptics vs Alarmists.

His conclusion?

Much of the science pointing to human caused global warming is irrefutable.

And New Zealand?

We’re an absolute joke, the home of double standards. New Zealand’s record on this is terrible. We’re a joke. If it’s anything like economics, you really need people to have their heads banged against the wall before they wake up and say; shivers, this is for real.

There is not much more to be said that we at frogblog haven’t already said a hundred times. It’s just nice to hear it from the finance sector, where we cop so much grief for supposedly being unscientific.

Gareth’s message got interlaced on TVNZ’s Sunday programme with some disturbing footage from Takuu, shot by kiwis Lyn Collie and Briar March. Watch both Parts I & II to see the whole story.

As I write this, I hear a Genesis Energy advert in the background, telling me that they are doing their part for climate change. Yeah Right. Along with Gerry Brownlee, they are working to tear apart all the meagre climate policy that the Greens twisted Labour’s arm to produce last term.

Gareth is about to publish a new book based on his research, Poles Apart. I think I’ll give it a read.

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