Dozy bulls bear down on Auckland

by frog

Aucklanders are getting a raw deal when they try to oppose NACTs propose changes proposed to environmental protection laws as reported in Granny Herald today.

The problem, say interested groups, is no one contacted them to let them know when or where the hearings were to be held, or when their submissions were scheduled to be heard.

Some groups missed their opportunity because of the lack of notice, and the committee has promised to hold tele-conferences so they can put their views.

The groups also claim that up to eight unrelated groups have been required to share one 20-minute slot.

Russel is a member of the Local Government and Environment Committee that heard submissions on the Resource Management Act (RMA) reform bill in Auckland this week. He’s trying to get community groups a fair deal but it’s an uphill battle.

The select committee has been deluged with over 1000 submissions because lots of Kiwis are concerned about the proposed changes; councils say it will cost millions to make changes while community groups say it will cost them their voice.

But the select committee sails blithely on.

The Government’s indecent and undemocratic haste is a taste of things to come; NACT seems intent on bulldozing environmental protection laws which will make it easier for the bulldozers to rip through communities and wild places.

Bulldozer has two parts; bull and dozy which sums up their approach nicely.

The Green Party was the only Party to vote against the RMA reform Bill at First Reading: the only Party with the foresight to see that it is an attack on democracy and the environment.

With that in mind, what will Auckland City Councillor and Eden Albert Community Board member Glenda Fryer say to local residents if she wins the race to be the Labour candidate for the Mt Albert by-election?

The Eden Albert Community Board submission firmly opposes the removal of tree protection rules, reduced notification, removal of the non-complying category, and the reduction in rights to have a say through reinstating a court bond (security for costs) and restricting appeal rights. 

Labour, meanwhile, assisted the NACT bulldozer when they voted for the Bill at First Reading. However, maybe they’ve now seen the light?

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